Friends Half a World Away!

Mrs. Andrew's class and their friends at
"I Love English Language Center" in Dayuan, Taiwan
  1. Letters from Mrs. Andrew's class
  2. Our friends in Taiwan wrote back! See their smiling faces.
  3. Can you find us on the map? - Mrs. Weeg gives a challenge to friends in Taiwan.
  4. Miss Ana's class tells their favorite foods.
  5. Mrs. Andrews' class made graphs of favorite foods.
  6. Letter and a PowerPoint slide of our favorite foods from friends in Taiwan.
  7. Why they like living in Asia/Taiwan.
  8. If you came to Maryland...
  9. Preparing a video for our friends in Taiwan
  10. Mrs. Andrews class tells about Ocean City.
  11. Our presents arrive in Taiwan
  12. Cards arrive from Taiwan
  13. A box of New Year presents arrived from Taiwan!
  14. Using Palms to type our letters to Taiwan.
  15. Answering our questions
  16. What is Mah-jong?
  17. Letters about our families - from Delmar
  18. Drawings from our friends in Taiwan

Mrs. Weeg's Gen Y class and their friends
  1. Our letters from Taiwan.
  2. Friends in Taiwan wrote back and sent pictures!
  3. Students in Taiwan solve our Math Puzzles.
  4. How many hours apart are we? - A math activity to help us find the answer.
  5. Tell us about your Christmas - letters from Delmar to friends in Taiwan.
  6. About Christmas in Taiwan - from our friends
  7. We like your video!
  8. Our presents arrive in Taiwan
  9. Cards arrive from Taiwan
  10. Lizzy investigates the cost of stamps in Taiwan.
  11. New Year Presents arrive from Taiwan!

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Patti Weeg
February 21, 2004