Our Friends in Taiwan

These students are writing to Mrs. Weeg's Generation Y students. Click on an image to see a larger view.

Emily's photo will be here soon.

Hello Lizzy, Jacklyn, Michelle, Jessica, Linzy, Mackenzie, Casie, Chelsea, Hannah, Bryan, Allison, Haley and Ms. Weeg!!!


First of all, we want to thank you for your video clip...it's won-der-ful! You have done a great job and it came as a surprise to learn that most of you you like sports so much...we will tell you what kinds of actuvities we like and we usually do in our future e-mails :-) When Chris and Ana asked us who likes ball games, James, David and John nodded or raised their hands. Girls like Jessica's Hello Kitty sweatshirt, specially Emily, Vivian, Lisa and Jenny: they were thrilled! Fanny said she collects small toys.

Last Thursday we found Maryland on an Atlas for children: like Taiwan, it's near the sea. Taiwan is in the Pacific Ocean, near Japan and China. It's small compared to...your country or many other countries in the world. We live in a town called Dayuan, which is in Taoyuan county. As Taiwan is so small, we don't have states, we have cities and counties: so Dayuan is within Taoyuan county. Can you find us on a map? You many need a magnifying glass to spot it!

We worked out your puzzle as well: the number is 73 (3 x 30 - 17). We read the puzzle from your e-mail and saw the picture version of the puzzle on the big screen (see attachment). At first we thought it was 83 but soon we corrected ourselves. Is the answer right?

Guided by Sandra's questionnaire, we want to share some information with you:

We celebrate Double Ten (Oct.10), Mid Autumn festival, Dragon boat race, Children's Day (April 4), Halloween and Chinese New Year. Do you also celebrate the same holidays?

As regards why we are learning the language. Honestly, most of us don't know. Two of us do it for fun and self interest but the rest seem to come to the language school because our parents want us to. Are you learning any foreign language at school or after school?

We also talked about the food we like: it was the hottest issue of all. However, we think this e-mail is getting too long and Ana's fingers need a rest as well as your eyes! Please wait for the next episode which will come up SOON~

Ah! We love it when you addressed each of us by name in your e-mails but write the teachers' names at the end please next time because Emily was a little upset when se learned that she was the last one to be mentioned. Also, you will not have Emily's portrait because it was blurred. But you can see this cutie in pink jacket with two pony tails in the group picture.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friends from Dayuan :-)

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Patti Weeg
December 6, 2003