Answering Our Questions

Dear friends!

How are you??? Hope you have survived the snowstorm alright. Lots of Taiwanese boys and girls haven't seen much snow as you need to go high up in the mountain to get the feeling of a "snow-white winter", and, mind you! There is usually traffic jam all the way up the hills! So weather forecasters sometimes remind people to use public transport or to go early. Isn't it wonderful for you people to be able to enjoy snow just there, at your backyard? :-)

Last time I told Mrs. Weeg that we were having a light sandstorm from some desert in China. Well, luckily, we only suffered the first day, when we saw that cars are all covered with a light layer of sand and dust. The whole dusty mass were blew away to who- knows- where after a sudden change in the air pressure. Nature is just amazing!

We answered some of your questions. We like all the questions but as we have little time, we couldn't finish all of them. The answers are under the questions and written in italics:

Lauren: What is your favorite season?

~ Apple, Allen, James, Emily and Vivian like summer because....(Oops! Ana forgot the reasons! Tell you later). Alice prefers winter (Ana too! Winter in Taiwan, not in Delamar) because the wheather is mild and spring-like. Wendy likes fall as well as Fanny. She says that her family organizes a special trip during that season. Jenny loves the spring, no reason; she just feels that's THE season. Howard likes all the seasons!

Taryn: Do you know what Spongebob Squarepants is?

~ No. Can you tell us what it is? It sounds very funny, though.

Connor: Do you have cars, buses, trains, or do you ride bikes?

~Yes, we have everything here. Long-distance buses (like Grayhound) in Taiwan have very large, individual seats that look like a gigantic sofa. We call that "presidential seats". Some more sophisticated buses have in front of each seat a mini screen where you can either watch films or play Gameboy. Mrs. Andrews or Weeg can also enjoy massage on those sofas.

William: What other holidays do you celebrate?

~ We celebrate San Valentine's Days, Kids' Day, Chinese New Year.

Taylor: What's your favorite book?

Amanda: Is learning English fun?

Jessica: What sports do you like?

Kylie: Do you like it in Taiwan?

Samantha: What kind of sports do you play?

~ Fanny and Emily like doing the "healthy exercises". James like riding a bike and Lisa too. David...rollerskates or ice-skates (kids are confused about ice-skates and roller skates)

Carl: Do you have a favorite book?

Savannah: Do you get the summer off?

Tionna: Why do you get red pockets for the Chinese New Year?

Tressie: Do you have a lot of factories in Asia?

Franjari: Do you have a summer vacation?

Jade: How old are you everyone?

~ Alice is 12 years old.
Apple is 10 years old.
Allen is 12
Wendy is 13
Howard is 11

Patessa: Apple, Why do they call you Apple?

Lauren: Do you have a computer lab?

Dustin: What are your outside sports?

Samantha: Have you ever seen a panda bear?

Jonah: Do you have a lot of homework?

Zoe: What is your favorite holiday?

~Allen's favorite holiday is Kid's Day; Apple's is the spring break. Howard likes the Confucious Day (same as Teacher's Day: 9/28)

Erin: Do you have a lot of days off?

Alexis: Do you know a book called "My First American Friend"

We'll keep on answering other questions. Hope you're working hard preparing for your tests. If you have to learn a second language, would you like to learn Mandarin?

Hugs to all.

Kids and teachers from Taiwan

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Patti Weeg
February 21, 2004