Christmas in Taiwan

Hi, everybody!

How are you? We are SO SO SO SO SO SO SO happy to get your letter and your picture next to each of the e-mails: it's fantastic because it seems that you are talking to us directly. Thank you very much for your messages: when Fanny learned she has an e-mail from Linzy, she was so excited that she jumped off from her chair (luckily, she didn't fall down)! Everybody wanted me to read their e-mails indivdually, but... there's little time because we need to do our X'mas rehearsal. Sooorrryyyy~~~

So, what Christine and Ana did was, they read Jaclyn's e-mail to James, we answered the questions and then Ana went through other e-mails quickly and give a short explanation. You'll be surprised to know that:

Only Fanny got presents last year (and 3 presents!): she got some candy, a Barbie and a watch.

David, Lisa and Fanny have a small X'mas tree at home; the trees have no lights on. (Lisa and David are brothers and sisters). David told Christine that the tree is on a desk. At the language school we have a tall tree, with colorful balls and mini Santa all around it.

Some kids, like Fanny and David, saw a Santa in Carrefour, a supermarket. Vivian and Emily didn't have a chance to meet one.

Most of your friends don't know if there's a X'mas break; James says there isn't (Ana and Christine know there is no break: they have to come to school anyway: do you know why?)

David, Lisa and Fanny will have their X'mas dinner at home with their family all together. The rest of us don't think so.

Sounds like we have a pretty boring Christmas (you may start wondering if we celebrate Christmas in Taiwan...)

Well, we have a party...AT SCHOOL! Lisa, David, Emily, Vivian, Fanny and James will show their parents what they have learned in English and then, everybody will exchange gifts.

Jaclyn: Your e-mail was very complete. It helped me to ask questions to your keypals. Thank you!

Jess: we liked your puzzle and in time we'll think of another one. we guess Vivian and James (and everybody) like getting presents best too! What presents did you get last year?

Michelle: we love your sweet smile. Hope we have answered your questions. What presents would you like to get this year?

Liz: as you see, there's no parade; not even a holiday! :-( Anyway, hope you enjoy X'mas with your family and send us pictures!)

Allison: we are happy to know you liked how we worked your puzzle out... You've been very kind to mention the puzzle before lauching into asking about X'mas.

Hannah: you said that you'll be spending Xmas at your pop pop's place and then with your auntie, so I guess they live pretty near each other. Where is it? Is it also in Maryland?

Linzy: wow, you decorated you room for the ocasion! Do you have your own room or you share it with your sis (do you have sisters?)? We guess you must be very creative, judging by the puzzle and the room decoration you've been telling us.

Casie: ha!ha! who told you about red pockets in Chinese New Year? Yes! children get red pockets with $$$$$$$ (Adults have to live on bread and water during that time because of so many red pockets they have to give :-P)

Haley: how long is your Christmas break? We are somewhat jealous that you have so many holidays to celebrate! We have 3 weeks for our winter holiday at our regular school. How about you?

Brian: no hemos escuchado de ti, pero eres el heroe de los chicos porque eres el unico que gusta de basketball (tu lo llamas al deporte basketball o baloncesto?) Esperamos poder verte mas seguidito y que tengas una muy muy linda navidad!

Cheers! Write us soon!

Your friends from Taiwan.

PD: Patti, can you help me deliver the e-mail into each kid's account? Thank you!

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Patti Weeg
December 6, 2003