Our Presents Arrived

January 7, 2004
Dear Patti and our little friends!

Thank you very much for all the good things you've sent over! The surprise pack was FULL of FAN_TAS_TIC stuff in it! Everyone went crazy with joy, their hands and eyes busy to explore all the wonders they could find. We (Christine and me, Ana) showed them the envelope where the name of Delmar Eklementary School could be found on the "FROM" corner and I Love English Center on the "TO" corner. The Monday group where Apple, Allen, Alice etc. attend also converted the postage from USD into NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) and their mouth and eyes became wide open when they saw it cost you around NTD1241!

They all love "COW Superheroes" calendar from Chick-Fil-A. ALthough they don't understand much English they could identify the superpower of each cow. Also, Sandra's class has many brillant artists! We are planning how to exhibit the cards so everyone has the chance to see and read all.

The Gen Y students were really smart too! It was a terrific idea to include your pictures in the card so it feels like you were speaking the moment we read your wishes on the cards. All of you have made a GREAT effort in writing all the good things for us. The gigerman eraser, the Maryland bookmarks, the pencils. the snowman stickers, the storybooks (Clifford!) and the MAPS are going to be very useful! We haven't watched the CD ROM (Only Ana and Chris did) so will comment later. Of course, we are happy to answer more questions from you!

Chinese New Year is drawing near so our school will be closed from 1/17 to 1/25. Before this time we hope to work more with you. It's a pleasure!

Your friends from Taiwan :-)

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Patti Weeg
January 12, 2004