We Like Your Video!

Dear James and Vivian,

Hi! Itís Jessica. I liked your video you made. I think you did a very good job doing it. Were you having fun doing the video? It looked like you had a lot of fun. At my school, there is a chorus but Iím not in it even though I like singing. Iíll talk to you soon. Bye!!!!!

Your friend,

Dear Emily,

I liked your video. It was really good. I think it would be hard to remember everything that you had to do. I know how hard it is because I am in chorus. I have to remember all the words in each song. It is hard to remember all of the words. You must have practice for almost a week. It looked like you guys had done a good job at doing the movements. Well that is all for now. Bye!!!


Dear James, The was video was nice. I liked it a lot. It looked like you were having fun. It looked like you worked hard.


Hi! Jenny

I liked your video a lot. You all did great! My Gen Y teacher told me that you celebrated Red pocket. Happy New years.


Dear David,

Hey! I loved your movie! Please send another one.


For our friends in Taiwan,

I thought your video was wonderful! You showed great compassion for us. I understand that you had practice a lot and you did very good! I also liked your little dance. It was very unique but, I liked it and I'm sure all the other students liked it also. To answer your questions, yes we do have a Christmas break, no I do not know why they have to go to school anyway, and we will have a Christmas party too, on Thursday 12/18/03.

Your Friend,

Lizzy, her mom and little brother - and all of us - wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Patti Weeg
December 16, 2003