Can You Find Us?

Here is another challenge for you. Let's see if your students can guess why our town is called Delmar. :-) Another challenge! A look at this map might help. Where is the town located? Delaware is the state in white.

Delmar is located on the border of Delaware and which state?

Rudy, pictured on this page, was the first student to find us on the map!

Ana wrote on December 8, 2003:

We like your pictures very much. Today we colored Maryland and Taiwan on the map and wrote down the names of the two main oceans: Atlantic and Pacific ocean. Rudy, who found you first on the map, said that he was searching quickly for "M" for Maryland right after Christine wrote it on the whiteboard. He spotted it very quickly! Maybe he doesn't know his talent, but we think he can read really fast.

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Patti Weeg
December 6, 2003