Our Friends in Taiwan

These students are writing to Mrs. Andrews' second grade students.

Hi! This is Ana and the whole group

Can you see our Halloween decorations on the wall?

Hi, I'm Apple! I'm 9 years old. I'm studying English because I want to go to Harvard one day.

Hello! I'm Alice. I'm 10 years old. I want to go overseas so I think English is important.

Hi!!! I'm Wendy. I like reading. For me, English is an international language.

Hello! I'm Howard. I like apples. I don't know why I'm learning English, but…here I am.

Hi~ I'm Allen. I love eating ice creams even in winter. I want to go abroad and meet people so I'm learning English; yeah!

Hello, I'm Rudy. I'm the first one to spot Maryland on the map.

Hi, there! I'm Christine. I'm the teacher. Thank you for writing to us. We love your pictures and hope you can enjoy ours too!

We have some answers to your questions about Taiwan:
  1. We celebrate X'mas, Halloween, Mid Autumn festival, Dragon boat festival, Double Ten (October 10), Chinese new year, Father's Day (August 8) and Mother's Day (the second Sunday of May).
  2. It's not cold in Taiwan. The average temperature is about 18 degree Celsius in fall and 30 degrees in summer.
  3. We wrote our reasons for learning English under the pictures.
We ran out of time so next class we'll give you more information. Please stay tuned!

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Patti Weeg
December 5, 2003