Our Favorite Foods

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We made a graph of your favorite foods.

Here is a graph of our favorite foods.

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Hello friends in Taiwan!

We love getting your messages and your pictures too! Thank you. This is fun! We found out that your most favorite food is fish! It seems that you all eat healthy foods. That is good! We noticed that there was no "junk food" (sweets, potato chips, etc.) listed!

We made a bar graph to find out which food was your favorite! We voted on some of our favorite foods too. I'll list the food and tell how many votes it got (everyone could vote for two favorites)... baked beans 1, cantaloupe 2, chicken 3, chicken noodle soup 6, crabs 12, cranberry sauce 1, greens 2, ice cream 5, macaroni 2, peanut butter and jelly 1, pizza 11, shrimp 4, stuffing 3, turkey 1, watermelon 6. Can you tell which two are really our favorites!? (I'm surprised that peanut butter and jelly didn't get more votes...I have that for lunch every day!). Thanks again for answering our questions. Have a great day!!!

Mrs. Andrews second graders

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Patti Weeg
December 8, 2003