All About Food

Look closely at the picture. The book is in Chinese! We cannot read this version. Won't you come and read it to us?! *smiles*

Dear Carl, William, Danielle, Erin, Christopher, Taryn, Alexis, Jade, Amanda, Lauren, Taylor, Kara, Samantha, Lauren, Kylie, Tionna, Savannah, Franjari, Natalie, Taylor, Zoe, Connor, Jonah, Jared, Jessica, Tressie, Dustin Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Hamilton, and Mrs. Weeg:


We saw a picture of you showing this story book "If you give a mouse a cookie". Some of us who were here at school during the summer program have read that book with Ana! It was about a naughty mouse who wanted one thing after the other non-stop. Can you all read it aloud already?

One of your questions (number 4) is about our favorite foods...hmm...let's see all the answers we "shouted" out for Ana to jot down- poor Ana's ears!

Vivian loves oranges, apples, watermlons, fruit juice and fish.

Vivian's sis, Emily, likes watermelon too! She also likes apples, oranges, jelly, juice and fish.

James prefers pineapples and bananas. However, watermelons, apples, milk, fish, chicken are on his favorite list too.

Fanny chose the jiggling jelly-she didn't say which flavor though- crabs, shrimps, fish and orange to be her favorite foods.

For David the yummiest things in the world are eggs, chicken, fish and fruit juice.

The top 3 for Jenny is: watermlon, jelly and chicken.

Lisa likes apples, bananas and fruit juice.

John says fish is the most delicious food for him.

So, what is the most popular food for us? Can you find it out? What about you?

Next class we'll answer your question: Do you like living in Asia? :-)

Hope to hear from you!

Big hugs from David, Fanny, Emily, James, Lisa, Vivian, Christine and Ana.

Mrs. Andrews' class made two graphs. One shows their favorite foods and one shows the favorite foods of our friends in Taiwan.

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Patti Weeg
December 8, 2003