Hello Delmar

Dear Linzy, Casie, Lizzy, Haley, Brian, Allison, Jaclyn, Hannah, Chelsea, Jessica, Michelle and Mackenzie:

How are you? How was your Thanksgiving celebration? :-)

Just a short note to tell you that Lisa, David, James, Jenny, John, Fanny, Vivian and Emily already came up with wonderful a message about themselves and their country and worked with the riddle as well. However, I need to read them the final version of their e-mail (I'm the secretary: they dictate their ideas and I type them down ) and once I have their OK I'll send everything over. They love the fact that you are addressing them one by one!

Your friends from Taiwan~

Hello, Brian!

It's lucky you don't have school for Thanksgiving... we don't celebrate it so we have no holidays :'-(

What we are doing now is preparing for Christmas-we'll have a play to show our parents what we've learned. What are you going to do for X'mas at school?

You like basketball! Can you jump high? Michael Jordan is the most famous American basketball player here inTaiwan: everybody knows his name.

Now it's our turn too tell you what we like to play:

Vivian likes cycling, Emily loves playing with dolls and David made a drawing showing he likes running. Next time he'll show Ana how fast he can run so you'll have a better idea about his passion. John is not in our class anymore. He's still at school, but doing the other course.

We love your e-mail. You're a great keypal because you wrote to many of us at the same time!

Write to you soon!
David, Vivian and Emily

Hi, Casie!

How are you? I'm Jenny. I can see you like sports! I like jumping ropes and hopscotch. I also have a dog, his name is Life (but you need to say the Fu sound sttronger if you want him to respond. Li-Fu: Li means come and Fu means luck and fortune in Chinese, so my doggie brings luck to the family whenever I call him). Does the name Baxter have any special meaning? I have a brother, John and a mom and a dad too.


Hi, Jessica!

How are you? I'm Jenny. I like eating and getting presents too! But we don't have Thanksgiving and I don't really understand the kind of holiday you're celebrating. We are preparing for a Christmas play with our teacher, Christine and I'll be on stage! I'm very excited! What are you going to do for X'mas?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Patti Weeg
December 7, 2003