Our Multicultural Greetings

We live in a little town in America that is really quite nice. The sign says that our town is "too big for one state" and that's the truth. Delmar sits right on the state line that divides Delaware and Maryland. Some of us don't get to travel very far but at Delmar Elementary School we visit many places and have friends all over the world.
People often ask what we learn from telecommunications. My answer is simple. The students tell why they enjoy telecommunications. Many people wonder how we do our telecommunications projects at Delmar. Let me explain...

Look at all the projects we are doing!

Patti Weeg
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Author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone
Title 1 Computer Teacher
Delmar Elementary School
Wicomico County, Maryland
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Warm hugs to my family for their endless support and encouragement.

Updated July 28, 2005