New in the 2009-2010 School Year

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Patti's Tech Coach wiki

New in the 2008-2009 School Year

Patti's Tech Coach wiki

New in the 2007-2008 School Year

  1. Patti's Tech Coach wiki - Lesson activities and more
  2. Wiki While You Work
  3. Resources from FETC 2008 Orlando
  4. Title 1 Family Fun Night
  5. Title 1 Paraprofessional Conference
  6. CyberSafety
  7. Title 1 Parent Workshop at Glen Avenue
  8. Spring Into Photo Story 3 TIC Saturday workshop
  9. MICCA 2008 Oh Mayo! Cinco Easy Steps to Photo Story 3
  10. Library 2.0 Media Assistants
Summer 2007

  1. Patti's Tech Coach wiki
  2. Takin' a Cruise on the SS Warrior
  3. Palm Camp 2007
  4. From Crayon to Stylus
  5. Gone Fishin' Come See Our New Tech Bait
  6. All the Latest Freeware for Palms
  7. Eastern Shore Math Consortium resource wiki
  8. Math Partnership Grant
  9. Building Math Activities
New in the 2006-2007 School Year
at Delmar, Glen, and East
  1. Isamu Shimazaki visited Delmar at last! - our online partner since 1995
  2. How's Your Technology Green Thumb? WCBOE Professional Development Day, April 30, 2007
  3. Family Fun Night at Delmar
  4. Title 1 Paraprofessional Conference February 2, 2007, North Salisbury School
  5. Mrs. Spicer's Kindergarten students know the sounds for R, S and M. They had fun with TurningPoint.
  6. Ms. Parks' third grade students showed how much they know about multiplication using TurningPoint.
  7. Mrs. Moore's fourth grade students reviewed Math Chapter 5 using TurningPoint.
  8. Mrs. Barnes' fourth grade students reviewed Math Chapter 5 using TurningPoint.
  9. Ms. Sibanda's fifth grade students wrote to the new friends in American Samoa on Palm handhelds.
  10. Technology Trick or Treat - Pixie, Graph Club 2, Unitedstreaming, D2L, Palms, eBeam, Interwrite, and TurningPoint - WCBOE Professional Day, October 23, 2006
  11. Using eBeam, Interwrite, Document Camera, and TurningPoint - Pittsville: Professional Day, October 23, 2006
  12. Mrs. Green's fourth grade students enjoyed a TurningPoint activity about elapsed time.
  13. Mrs. Kiviat's third grade students made a graph about sports using Graph Club 2.
  14. Mr. Davis's fifth grade students used Palms to practice Daily Oral Phonics and homophones using Quizzler Pro.
  15. Mrs. Roberts' third grade students used Palms for an iKWL activity.
  16. Mrs. Guy's fifth grade students watched a Unitedstreaming video in reading class.
  17. Family Fun Night at Delmar
  18. Mrs. Robeck and her SU intern watch a video made during an ESOL lesson.
  19. Mrs. Andrews' second grade students practiced math skills using Palm handhelds.
  20. Mrs. Campbell's and Mrs. Throm's first grade students used Palms in Math class.
  21. Mrs. Mason used the document camera with her first grade math students.
  22. Miss Campbell's fourth grade students reviewed homophones on Palm handhelds.
  23. Fluttering Butterflies by Mrs. Tardiff's kindergarten class
  24. Miss Hastings' 5th grade students at Glen Avenue talked to the online friends in South Africa using Skype
  25. Ms. Carey's students at Glen Avenue show how much they know about Panda bears
  26. Ms. Hodgson's students at Glen Avenue have fun with Monkeybyte Math
  27. Elapsed time quiz - in Miss Robinson's fourth grade at Glen Avenue
  28. Mrs. Swain's math classes at Glen Avenue enjoy learning with technology.
  29. Mrs. Smith's third grade students at Delmar practice math skills with their Palms
  30. Third grade students at Glen Avenue enjoyed a TurningPoint activity while learning about matter.
  31. Using Palms at Glen Avenue - Typing letters to friends in South Africa
  32. Fourth grade Glen Avenue students used Palms for an activity on Main idea and details
  33. Learning about the US Constitution at East Salisbury School
  34. East Salisbury's Technology Night
  35. Alphabet Fun - for Mrs. Hudson's first grade students at Delmar
  36. Organizing a class set of Palms - Mrs. Lewis - Delmar
  37. Delmar's Technology Day - August 25, 2006
Summer 2006
  1. Survivor Technology Island- North Salisbury Elementary School Summer Technology Professional Development
  2. Palm Camp - July 26-28, 2006
  3. eBooks - "Palmapalooza" workshop at NECC 2006 in San Diego, CA July 5-7
  4. Palmapalooza at NECC 2006 - Synopsis and pictures - NECC sessions

New in the 2005-2006 School Year

  1. Mrs. Joyce Taylor's students took their Palms outside to take notes for writing Haikus.
  2. Looking ahead... Kidspiration Make 'n Take - Professional Day: March 27, 2006
  3. Using Palms in Media classes - Mrs. Cuffee teaches African American History
  4. Title 1 Family Reading and Math Night - February 6, 2006
  5. Mrs. Campbell's second grade students have friends in American Samoa and Ukraine
  6. Delmar's Author in Residence program begins year 7!
  7. SSgt. Dennis Bradford is home from Iraq and visited Delmar!
  8. Friends in Japan join Delmar students in a project about school lunch.
  9. Mrs. Weeg's 4th grade computer lab students made a time line about Rosa Parks on the computer.
  10. Technology in the Reading Classroom - Why Not? Inservice for Title 1 Reading Teachers - October 24, 2005
  11. Math 'n Tech Salad Bar - Math resources for grades 3-5; Kidspiration, Excel and PowerPoint; MCTM Conference, October 21, 2005
  12. Mrs. Weeg's lab students are writing to SSgt. Timothy Grier in Fallujah, Iraq
  13. Tech Inservice - for grade 4 and 5 reading, language arts, science and social studies teachers
Summer - 2005
  1. Palm Camp!
  2. How to Make eBooks

New in the 2004-2005 School Year

  1. Students in Mrs. Owens' third grade class have adopted SSgt. Dennis Bradford, stationed in Falujah, Iraq.
  2. Mrs. Andrews' second grade students wrote their animal research reports on Palms.
  3. Third grade students have friends in South Africa - (Mrs. Lewis' and Mrs. Weeg's classes)
  4. Delmar students know that Palms are a HANDy way to learn and have fun.
  5. Students in Mrs. Barnes' and Mrs. Kaiser's third grade use Palms to write to their online friends in Peru.
  6. Our students and teachers love to use technology!
  7. Delmar students are making eBooks for Palm handhelds.
  8. Mrs. Andrews' second grade students have online friends in Mexico.
  9. What's happening in Mrs. Weeg's computer lab? Take a look inside...
  10. Delmar's participation in the "Generation Y" program begins year 3.
  11. The "Author in Residence" program begins year 6!
  12. Mrs. Ryall's students - Author in Residence 2004-2005

New in the 2003-2004 School Year

  1. Gen Y students made web pages for Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Rockwell's classes.
  2. Mrs. Weeg attended the MICCA Conference in Baltimore - April 27-28, 2004.
  3. Signs of Spring: from our friends in Japan and at Delmar.
  4. Using Palm handhelds in grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. ...taking their learning into their own hands!
  5. Gen Y students are participating in the "Kidlink Day" project. See their journals in KidSpace!
  6. Mrs. Elzey's second grade students have friends in South Africa.
  7. Delmar Gen Y students and Mrs. Goldman's students have online friends in Japan.
  8. Mrs. Spicer's first grade students write to their friends in South Africa and BC, Canada.
  9. Mrs. Andrews' second grade students and Mrs. Weeg's Gen Y students write to their online friends in Taiwan.
  10. Mrs. Minor's Kindergarten students made turkeys in the computer lab during American Education Week.
  11. Generation Y students at Delmar begin year 2!
  12. Author in Residence - Mrs. Blackwell's language arts computer students from Mrs. Marine's homeroom are writing a story with the help of their online mentor and children's author - Lois Szymanski, in Mrs. Weeg's computer lab.
  13. Salisbury Interns using technology in their lessons
  14. Mrs. Weeg's students gather recipes for our International Food Day.
  15. Mrs. Weeg's grade 3 computer students write to friends at Xit'olacw Community School in British Columbia, Canada
  16. Mrs. Weeg's computer students gather and analyze data with friends in Japan. Isamu's graph - comparing our data - More graphs and pictures
  17. Miss Damush's first grade class participates in a Kidlink project about animal rights: Goosie's Story
New in the 2002-2003 School Year

  1. Mrs. Weeg's computer students participated in "A Kidlink Day" project. Click the down-arrow to see all the journals.
  2. Building Language Bridges Exchanges between Mrs. Weeg's students and students in Japan
  3. Generation Y at Delmar Elementary
  4. Mrs. Lewis' grade 3 students learn about moon phases
  5. Author in Residence - Mrs. Blackwell's language arts computer students are writing a story with the help of their online mentor and children's author - Lois Szymanski.
  6. Salisbury University Interns at Delmar: in the computer lab
  7. Mrs. Patti Weeg gave presentations at an educational conference in Lima, Per˙ - November 22-23, 2002 [Pictures]
  8. A visitor from Norway - Nini Ebeltoft - visited Delmar.
  9. Mrs. Blackwell's 4th grade students wrote fall cinquains in Kidlink's KidSpace [WordWeavers project]
  10. Mrs. Tardiff's Kindergarten students send Bob Bear to Australia!
  11. Mrs. Breda's fifth graders Crack the Code! - a National Geographic Activity - latitude and longitude.
  12. Mrs. Minor's AM and PM Kindergarten classes tell "All About Me" in Kidlink's "Draw a Story For Me" project.
  13. Mrs. Minor's AM and PM Kindergarten classes received messages from their friends in South Africa.
  14. Mrs. Lewis' 3rd graders made graphs for Kidlink's "Grandmother and Me" project.
  15. 5th grade news articles - Kidlink's WordWeavers project
  16. New student work on our Delmar website -

New in the 2001-2002 School Year

  1. Delmar Year Round students make constellations in PowerPoint
  2. Delmar grade 3 students make graphs for Tomo in Japan.
  3. Kindergarten and first grade Delmar students participate in Draw a Story for Me project.
  4. Delmar students participate in the Kidlink Day project.
  5. Mrs. Minor's AM Kindergarten class joined the "Graph Goodies" project by Susan Silverman.
  6. Miss Damush's second grade class joined the "Graph Goodies" project by Susan Silverman.
  7. Wicomico County teachers sharing resources TOGETHER - organized by Christopher Cuppett
  8. See what's happening in the Computer Lab at Delmar! Pages - | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |
  9. Title 1 National Conference - January 24-26, 2002 (Tampa, Florida) - Delmar's presentations:
  10. 3rd graders use Base Ten Blocks on the WWW
  11. 3rd graders use Integer Rods on the WWW. Page 2
  12. Author in Residence - Mrs. Elzey's computer students write a story with the help of their online mentor and children's author - Lois Szymanski.
  13. Mrs. Yurek's and Mrs. Elzey's Compass lab students interviewed Delmar adults for the "Math in Careers" project
  14. Mrs. Owens' Compass lab students solved math story problems written by students in Hannibal, MO.
  15. Mrs. Weeg's lab students wrote to a teacher in Pakistan.
  16. Mrs. Elzey's 3rd grade class compared our Delmar playground to the Japanese playground.
  17. Mrs. Lewis's 3rd grade class made a graph for their friends in Japan showing their allowance.
  18. Mrs. Lewis's 3rd graders responded to students in Belgium after the attacks on September 11, 2001.

New in the 2000-2001 School Year

  1. Making graphs with our friends in Japan
    1. Christopher made a graph for Tomo - How long it takes to get to school on the bus
    2. Dominique make a graph for Tomo - 5th grade classes each cycle
  2. Mrs. Weeg's computer students make a graph with data from friends in South Africa.
  3. Mrs. Campbell's students invite others to share data and make graphs.
  4. Pattern Blocks
    1. Miss Damush's second grade designed patterns
    2. Mrs. White's PM Kindergarten designed patterns and more!
    3. Mrs. West's first graders designed patterns.
  5. Mrs. Minor's Kindergarten classes made quilts! AM class | PM class |
  6. Graphing Galore! - using "Graph Club" software
    1. Mrs. Hall's AM Kindergarten graphed their favorite fruits.
    2. Miss Damush's grade 2 students made graphs in the lab.
    3. Mrs. White's Kindergarten class made graphs in the lab - AM Kindergarten | PM Kindergarten |
    4. Mrs. West's grade 1 students made graphs in the lab.
  7. Mrs. West's first graders write to friends in Botswana about Earth Day
  8. Delmar has visitors from Iceland!
    1. A first for our Icelandic visitors - eating steamed crabs!
    2. Mrs. Campbell's first graders enjoyed our Icelandic visitors
    3. Mrs. Yurek's third graders tell why they enjoyed our Icelandic visitors
    4. Mrs. Weeg's computer students learn more about Iceland in a 1973 National Geographic article about the eruption on the Westman Islands
    5. Ms. Hackett's computer lab students send "Thank you" e-mails in Icelandic to Hilda and Eyglˇ.
    6. Ms. Damush's second graders can type in Icelandic.
    7. Mrs. Spicer's first graders learn how to make Icelandic letters on the computer.
    8. Mrs. Andrews' second graders say "Takk!" to our Icelandic visitors.
  9. Mrs. Mason's first graders made dinosaur pictures for their friends in Botswana.
  10. Mrs. West's first graders and their friends in Botswana wrote about dinosaurs and African frogs.
  11. Kindergarten classes visit the computer lab. | Morning class | AM - Quilt | Afternoon class - Quilt |
  12. Our Grandparents Mrs. Campbell's first grader students participate in Kidlink's What Are My Roots? learning module.
  13. First graders take on a math challenge sent by 6th grade students in South Africa
  14. Meteorologist Bob Burnett-Kurie came to Delmar! - to visit Mrs. Hicks' science class.
  15. Mrs. Campbell's class joins "What Are My Roots?"
  16. Math Puzzles!- Delmar students join students from California, Missouri, Texas, New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon, New York, Greece and Australia in a math project.
  17. Author in Residence: 2000-2001 Mrs. Lois Szymanski mentors Mrs. Smith's grade three students
  18. Author in Residence: Sarah Weeks mentors Mrs. Ryall's reading students
  19. Math Curse Stories by Mrs. Parker's third grade students
  20. Data to Information to Insight - Third graders analyze career data of first graders in Kidlink's "Who Am I?" program.
  21. Mrs. Spicer's first grade students join the "Who Am I?" program
  22. Respect for school and each other Mrs. Campbell's first grade students join "What Are My Rights?"
  23. Delmar students join "Where Do I Live?" - Mrs. Cropper's, Mrs. West's and Mrs. Hansen's students
  24. Jojo's and Crazy Bones Delmar and Cape Town students compare and contrast using math (Mrs. Andrew's computer lab students)
  25. Mrs. West's first grade joins Kidlink's "Who Am I?" program
  26. Mrs. Mason's first grade students join the "Who Am I?" program
  27. Mrs. Cropper's students join Kidlink for the "Who am I?" program
  28. Building Resources - a Delmar Staff initiative
  29. First Grade Joins Kidlink - Mrs. Campbell's class joins the "Who Am I?" program
  30. Write on, Second Grade! - Miss Damush's second grade
  31. Mrs. Hansen's students - exchanges with friends in South Africa and Botswana

New in the 1999-2000 School Year

  1. "Grandmother and Me" a multilingual book about grandmothers: Delmar students' participation
  2. Danni the Traveling Bear visits Delmar from Brazil
  3. Our friend in China - MengYu
  4. Math Puzzles from Botswana, Iceland and Maryland
  5. Mrs. Visser's students in South Africa - our online friends in Cape Town
  6. Our online friends in Botswana
  7. Online Mentoring - Author in Residence: Lois Szymanski
  8. Online Mentoring - Mrs. Ryall's students work with Sara Weeks
  9. Virtual Alaska - Mrs. Ryall's students
  10. A look inside the lab - classes begin
  11. Mrs. Weeg travels to South Africa - to share the news of our Global Classroom at the "Millennium Minds" Conference in Cape Town

New in the 1998-1999 School Year

  1. Signs of Spring
  2. Miss Liz came to Delmar!
  3. Our Dinosaur Story with friends in Japan and Illinois
  4. Delmar students are selected as April's "Amazing Kids! of the Month" by
  5. Happy Easter to our friends in Brazil
  6. 5th grader, Kate Lilley, wins an art contest sponsored by Campbell's Soup - and 26 computers for our school!!! - and a live satellite broadcast from the Olsen twins - Mary-Kate and Ashley!
  7. Delmar student art is recognized in France!
  8. Virtual Alaska - Mrs. Hurchalla, Mrs. Ryall and their students learn about Alaska
  9. A KIDLINK Day journals from Delmar students
  10. Building Bridges KIDLINK project - Delmar and Japanese friends
  11. Mrs. Weeg spoke at conferences in Peru and Sweden
  12. Mrs. Weeg wrote three modules in the KIDLINK "Who Am I?" program
  13. Delmar students participate in the KIDLINK "Who Am I?" program
  14. Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone - published in June 1999

New in the 1997-1998 School Year

  1. Authors Mentoring Authors On-Line - a summer writing workshop for Delmar students taught by Mrs. Carla Hurchalla with published authors as mentors.
  2. Celebrating Our Diversity
  3. Building Language Bridges
  4. Visit Our Playground! - and tell us about yours
  5. If You Give a Crab a Cupcake - by Megan
  6. If You Give a Penguin a Popsicle - a circle story by Delmar 3rd graders
  7. A Children's Author writes to us: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  8. An Alphabet Book created with our friends in Japan and South America
  9. We've got friends in Australia - Mrs. Beall's 1st grade
  10. Math Puzzles!
  11. Salisbury State University donates twelve 386's to our lab!
  12. The Best Present "main idea" and "details"
  13. Recess at Delmar
  14. Christmas at Delmar
  15. Christmas pictures from Brasil
  16. Our favorite Icelandic book
  17. Birthday song from Japan!
  18. If you came to the UK
  19. Where would you take me if I came to your city?
  20. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month
  21. Our Delmar "family" in Bosnia Chip Bozman, former Delmar student
  22. Art Draws us Together
  23. Visitor from Michigan
  24. A KIDLINK Day project
  25. Math Around Us
  26. Our Russian friends visit Delmar - Olya Malykh and family

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