Mrs. Spicer's class and friends
in South Africa and Canada

Mrs. Spicer's first grade students have friends at Springfield Convent Junior School in Wynberg, South Africa and also in British Columbia, Canada!

Mrs. Spicer's first grade students

Friends in South Africa

Friends in Canada
  1. Letters to Mrs. Spicer's students from their new friends in South Africa.
  2. Letters to friends in South Africa from Mrs. Spicer's class.
  3. Mrs. Spicer's students also wrote letters to their new friends in Canada.
  4. Haley typed a letter that Mrs. Spicer's class wrote to their friends in Canada. Read about the loonie and the toonie in Canada!
  5. Mrs. Spicer's students use Palms to write to their friends in South Africa.
  6. Mrs. Spicer's class learns about Canadian money.
  7. "What is a Reserve?" Questions and answers
  8. The Springfield Fair - from our friends in South Africa.
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Patti Weeg
March 1, 2004