Generation Y
at Delmar Elementary

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April 2, 2003 - Our Gen Y Partners

Project names are links to pictures from the Gen Y lesson.

Christen, Nikkia and Mrs. Cuffee prepare a project that will show students how easy it is to use the Accelerated Reader program.

Chelsea W and Mrs. Rockwell outline their project on Tornadoes.

Megan and Mrs. Hicks are building a project about the gigantic supercontinent called Pangaea.

Linzy and Mrs. Taylor discuss Literary Genres for their project.

Though not a Generation Y partner teacher, Mrs. Tardiff lends a hand in the computer lab. Here she is helping Brian with his project about Constellations.

Chelsey C and Mrs. Sowell are digging deep into the study of Fossils.

Jessica and Mrs. Breda are excited about their project about Egypt - Gift of the Nile

Jacob and Mr. Forrer are pleased with their project on Coyotes

Jaclyn and Mrs. Mumford plan their project about Slavery and the Underground Railroad

Miss Elliott and Allison plan a project about Fractions.


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Patti Weeg
April 1, 2003