Generation Y
at Delmar Elementary

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April 1, 2003 - Our Gen Y Partners

Project names are links to pictures from the Gen Y lesson.

Partner teachers and Gen Yes students work together to create a project for the Partner-Teacher's class. Look at these super teams! Jacob's mom lends a hand, too.

Miss Damush and Elizabeth are working on a lesson about Fishy Facts for first grade students

Jacob is creating a lesson about Coyotes for Jacob's Year Round fifth grade while mom and sister lend support.

Mr. Lingo and Brian are looking into the heavens... at Constellations for fifth grade students.

Miss Campbell and Hannah prepare a project about Sadako and the Thousand Cranes for grade four students.

Mrs. Noelte and Olivia know what it takes to be Physically Fit and they are going to share this with Year Round third grade students.

Mrs. Lewis, Dawn and Courtney will show third grade students How Seeds Travel and the Parts of a Plant.

Mrs. Hamilton and Casie are preparing a project for second grade students who are reading the Legend of the Indian Paintbrush.

Mrs. Campbell and Amanda designed and delivered an Alphabet. lesson for first graders. Great job, Amanda!

Mrs. Lori Smith and her Generation Y student review their project for 5th grade math - a project about Angles.

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Patti Weeg
April 1, 2003