Online Resources
for Delmar Generation Yes Students

Project Partners and Presentations:
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Amanda and Mrs. Campbell

Super site.. sound... images:

Paw Park.. cute!

Matching uppercase letters with their lowercase partner:

Game Goo:

The first grade backpack:

Alphabet Garden

Alphabetical order:

Alphabetizing library:

ABC Stamping Game:

Megan and Mrs. Hicks

Pangaea: - drag mouse to animate the map.

Interactive quiz:

learn about pangaea:

The earth 250 million years ago: [interactive map]

"Welcome to Britain's Rocky Past - an animation and interactive timeline featuring 4600 million years of dramatic continental drift, fossil life and rocks."

Chelsea C and Mrs. Sowell


Neat!...... a fossil dig

Rex Rampage:

"Welcome to Britain's Rocky Past - an animation and interactive timeline featuring 4600 million years of dramatic continental drift, fossil life and rocks."

Jaclyn and Mrs. Mumford

Underground Railroad

Interactive site: choose your own ending:

Southern Plantations

Pathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad:

Slave children

Family life - St. Mary's

Jessica and Mrs. Breda


Reeder's Egypt Page

Example of electronic field trip.
Ancient Egyptian Project Pages

Developed by sixth grade students.
Egyptian Scavenger Hunt

Hannah and Miss Campbell

Japanese games:

Kids Web Japan

Japanese Folk Tales:

Sadako and the Thousand Cranes

Peace Day




Cranes for Peace:

Identifying courageous characters in literature:,1607,7-155-13481_13487_13488-40625--,00.html

Webquest about Sadako:

Many links to activities about Sadako and the paper cranes:

Webquests and lesson plans

How to fold a paper crane:

Haley and Mrs. Smith


Online quiz on angles

Here is a Circular Geoboard.

Students can measure lines and angles on this webpage:

Estimating angles:

Grades 6-8

Grades 3-5

Geometry Center

Courtney, Dawn and Mrs. Lewis


Plant Parts

Interactive quiz and puzzle:

Wind dispersal

Chelsea W and Mrs. Rockwell

Tornado movie: National Geographic

Interactive tornado movie clip


32 different shapes:

Linzy and Mrs. Taylor James and the Giant Peach - video clips James and the Giant Peach - video, how the movie was made

Poe's "The Bells" - Interactive

Lois Lowry's books

Read the Time Machine in various colors, backgrounds, fonts..

Literary Genre

Using Graphic Organizers to Generate Genre Definitions For Fables, Fairy Tales, Folktales, Legends, Myths, and/or Tall Tales


Children's Museum of Indianapolis:

Literature genres:

Elizabeth and Miss Damush

Fishy Facts

Sassy Seals - beginning and ending sounds

Scavenger Hunt for Grade 1:

Fish at Enchanted Learning:

This site defines fish parts and has great pictures to label:

This site has a Fish Quiz on it:

This is a fish coloring book.

Make an edible aquarium in a cup.

Jacob and Mr. Forrer


Coyote sound:

Brian and Mr. Lingo

Constellations - the night sky - match the constellations

Guide to the constellations in the night sky

interactive - select the constellation to see it on the screen Sky charts:

Constellation coloring pages

Here is the Myth of Perseus with links to pictures of the constellations.

Draw the constellations

Allison and Miss Elliott


Fraction Track:

Stand alone Fraction Track

Fresh Baked Fractions

Fraction Bars Applet:

Identify Fractions:

Pizza Party - Fractions

High/Lo Fractions:

Casie and Mrs. Hamilton (for Mrs. Andrews)

Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Native American Synbols:

About Wyoming's state flower:

Picture of the Indian Paintbrush

Maryland's state flower:

Olivia and Mrs. Noelte

Kids and Fitness

Dole 5 a Day

Staying Healthy

Christen, Nikkia and Mrs. Cuffee

Accelerated Reader:

James and the Giant Peach