We began with a famous Frog...

Do You Know This Book?

E-mail correspondence began between Isamu Shimazaki, his students and Patti Weeg and her students in private e-mail in 1995. Our activities were a part of Isamu's project - "World Wide Friendships Are eXciting." Our students were too young for Kidlink so we exchanged messages and made our own webpages. After the Kidlink age limit was lowered to include primary grade students we brought our project into the Kidproj area of Kidlink where our project was called "Building Bridges."

Isamu sent this message and picture to us...

"Kanako Ochi showed you a book named Frog and Toad are friends. This book was written by Arnold Lobel. Maybe you all know well. We are now learing "The letters" from this book. We are able to read in our Japanese language textbook. Now she showed Japanese translation book that she had. Yes, Ochi is fond of reading." ...from Isamu's web site

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