Rinkan's First Notes

for "Spring"

Toad was tricked to be shown May's calender and said," Oh,dear it is in May already" . This is the most favourite part for me.

Satoshi Takano

"Sun's shine brightly", " Frog went to let Toad wake up", those are very fun for me.

Katsuya Yoshizawa

Toad was there but Toad said, " I'm not here". This is fun.

Yuuki Suzuki

I feel wonderful the last part of the story. "How this world is look like?" Let's go for a walk. As I read this part for second time, I would like to be with them and wonder that world.

Masaya Sasaki

I was surprised for Frog to tore sheets of calender. But Toad said ," is it in May already? I feel fun.

Mai Shibata

I think Frog wants to be a friend with Toad and wants to play with him. So he wish to be in May. In May Toad will be wake up and be able to play with Frog.

Yosiatsu Takabayashi

I am interested in the part that Frod went to Toad's house and woke up Toad. And one more is the part that they will go out and watch how their spring is.

Kanako Ochi

I wonder why Toad is so sleepy, I think it is better for Toad to wake up and go around with Frog.

Ayumi Nozaki

I think Toad is an idle fellow.

Satomi Furukawa

While Toad is still sleeping in his bed, Frog tore sheets of calender. This is fun for me.

Masaki Ookubo

I like the part that Frog was going to wake up Toad. I think Frog is gentle, and Toad is a little bit selfish, I think. I read your notes about learning this book with us. Frog and Toad are Friends. I think it is on the book and always they are together. This is why they are friends.

We read "The letter" for first in our textbook. We all like this book. Someone read Frog's part and the other one read Toad's part, we enjoied reading this book. and of course we also enjoy reading this book with you in the States.

Ayumi Suzumoto

Hello friends in the States,

Are your second grade students only six? How many students are there in your school? In my class there are 35 students, 19 boys and 16 girls. There are about 880 students in our school from the first grade to six grade students. We are now learning to play toy called "Byun Byun goma". Next time I'll show you in the picture.

What are you learning now in your class? I like a pizza with pineapple and ham. You all like Pepperoni dont't you? I wonder why you are able to eat pizza in your school. We served school lunch, but Pizza never served yet. yes, School lunch I'd like to show next time how our school lunch look like. Are you all interesting to know our Japanese school lunch? Sometimes in our home, father and brother and I make our home pizza. It is of course VERY delicious. How about you ?

your Japanese friend,
Ayumi Suzumoto


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