Birthday wishes from Japan...

From Naomi:

I drew a picture for Ashely san. And students in our international class were singing "Happy Birthday to You" for Ashely. It was interesting thing for me.

About my birthday on Sep. 8, my mother helped to my birthday party. She bought many candies and a large cake. They were putting on the table. And of course there were many present for me. That's all.

Your Japanese friend,

Hello Jonathan,
happy birthday to you!

My name is Ayumi Suzumoto, 8 year-old girl. I was born in July 18. We have a student who is the same birthday as you. Jonathan, are you a boy or girl? How many students are there in your class? We have 35 students in our class. How is your school lesson, difficult or not difficult what is our feeling? I like our lesson in our class. I have a brother and a sister. Please write back soon. yours

Birthday greetings for Jonathan from Daisuke Shimizu:

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Patricia A. Weeg
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