How to join "Building Bridges"

Art created by Isamu's students in Japan.

  1. Answer - Participating students must answer the 4 Kidlink questions found here. Here are the questions for you to think about:
    1. Who am I?
    2. What do I want to be when I grow up?
    3. How do I want the world to be better when I am grown up?
    4. What can I do now to make that happen?

  2. Subscribe - "Building Bridges" is a Kidproj project. The adult coordination list for all of our Kidproj projects is Kidproj-coord. To subscribe to these mailing lists click on their names in the previous sentences or send an e-mail message to:

    with these commands in the message body: (but use your own name!)

    subscribe kidproj Mickey Mouse
    subscribe kidproj-coord Mickey Mouse

  3. Post - Students and teachers can post messages to the "Building Bridges" project on our WWWBoards or KidSpace. Dialogue in the "Building Bridges" project has been taking place on wwwboards for several years.

    Since July we have also added a place for the project in KidSpace for those who wish to use it. Posting comments and creating new nodes in KidSpace require the user to have a login and a password. Students who answer the 4 Kidlink questions get a Kidlink login and password which can be used in KidSpace. Adults who wish to post to KidSpace must apply for an account to Bonnie Thurber at

  4. Have fun!

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Patricia A. Weeg
author: Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone