Yesterday we spent the morning exploring web sites that are filled with examples of students using technology in very concrete ways. Global projects and online activities are plentiful. The garden of opportunities which bring real world meaning to our classroom tasks is overwhelming. Perhaps we look around at the one computer we have in our classroom and say,

"...but all I have is a window box."

The process of wiring our schools for technology, purchasing hardware and software and training teachers is taking longer than anyone expected and is costing more than we budgeted. With a bit of patience and a clear vision teachers will find a way to make the best of what is available. Our window boxes will grow blossoms just as bright and beautiful as any garden at Hampton Court Palace.

We are growing learners not knowers.

The secret is in the soil. If our lessons are rich with inquiry and problem solving our learners will blossom. Our goal is not to saturate our students with more and more information. Information isn't learning. As Jamie McKenzie says, we must guide the students to move from gathering data to organizing it into information and then reaching new insights.

With our best foot forward we begin again today and look at the challenges that face us in our classrooms as we bring the Internet into our lessons.

8:00 - 8:15 Welcome and review
8:15 - 9:15 Time management in the classroom - time for searching the Web, time and means to send e-mail. The "one computer" classroom...
  1. Back to School Strategies
  2. Connie Mark's (Hawaii) strategies for E-mail in the Classroom
  3. Connie Mark's strategies for using Listservs for Projects
  4. Laurie Williams (Texas) describes her classroom management of the KIDLINK 4 Questions
  5. Sheila Gaquin's (Alaska) use of the 4 KIDLINK questions
  6. Chana Besser (Israel) shares her 4 KIDLINK Questions "Game"
9:15 - 11:00
  1. Creating lesson plans that include the Internet
  2. Lesson Plan Construction Module - Fill in the form and create your own customized lesson plan. Print the lesson plan!
  3. Patti's Unit and Lesson Plan templates
  4. What is an Internet Learning Activity?
  5. Internet in the Curriculum Levels of Integration
  6. "Launching Student Investigations" Jamie McKenzie
  7. Internet Lesson Plan - the Planets
  8. Internet Lesson Plan - Famous Athletes and Hard Work
  9. Internet Lesson Plans - Voyager Interstellar Outreach
  10. Connie Mark's Author's Online
  11. Connie Mark's Landmark's of Oahu
11:00 - 12:00 Support from parents, community, global learning community, online mentoring, Making global connections
  1. Web66 International School Web Site Directory
  2. Yahoo Education K-12 Schools
  3. eMail Classroom Exchange
  4. Ask An Expert
12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
12:30 - 3:30 Independent time - During this time you will:
  1. Identify available computers for word processing and Internet access
  2. Make a tentative schedule of access to online computers for students.
  3. List the ways students will send e-mail - online directly or uploading saved text.
  4. Work on your project, search for Internet resources
  5. Search for online partner teachers to do collaborative projects with your class.

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