"...and then he led me to the sea.
He knew exactly what to do,
Because he found the moon for me."

Follow the Moon by Sarah Weeks

A special greeting for us from Sarah Weeks

  1. Global greetings to ACES II - special greetings for our participants
  2. Welcome aboard mates! - Introductions and a look at the ACES I grads
  3. Charting the course and toeing the line - ACES II description
  4. "The Last Lie" by Alan November
  5. Meaningful, engaged learning - What does it look like?
  6. Engaged learning: drop anchor or hoist the sails? [p. 1]
  7. Your teaching strategies - all hands on deck [p. 2]
  8. Learning With Technology Profile Tool
  9. Launch out into the deep [p. 3]
  10. A KIDLINK Day in a new time-space dimension Online presentation for MIRK 99 (Slovenia)
  11. Kids@work: Math in the Cyberzone

From Sarah Weeks to the teachers in ACES II:

Hello from New York! I hope you are all enjoying your "sea voyage" and I am glad that Follow the Moon has been included in your reading list. Suzanne Durenceau (the illustrator of F.T.M.) and I are working on a new book about penguins. It's called Without You. As usual she's doing beautiful artwork. I'm not sure when the book will be finished - but keep a look out for it!

Best Wishes and Happy Reading,

Sarah Weeks

Patti Weeg
The Global Classroom
July 1999