"Ideals are like stars;
you will not succeed in touching them with your hands.
But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters,
you choose them as your guides;
and following them
you will reach your destiny."

Carl Schurz

  1. "Who Am I?" program - Student Participation. The WAI program modules are translated into Spanish, French, Norwegian and Portuguese.
  2. ECELL '99
  3. 21st Century Schoolhouse
  4. Vacation pictures made by French students (Francois Pignot)
  5. Timeline for content units in your curriculum [p. 4]
  6. Hawaii Curriculum Resources
  7. How well do you know your students? [p. 5]
  8. Is there a treasure chest at the bottom of your sea? [p. 6]
  9. Unit Plan Template - sample
  10. Lesson Plan Template - sample
  11. Scoring Rubric Template [p. 7]
  12. Managing Group Activities [p. 8]

Patti Weeg
The Global Classroom
July 1999