The Springfield Fair

Dear Theron

On Saturday it was our Springfield fair. There was lots of games. We had lots of fun, my mom and Dad went away for the fair so I stayed with my friend so I could go to the fair. On sunday I went to the beach with my cousin. She is three years old.

Love Georgia

Dear Hannah

Thank you for the letter. I have a little brother. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. It is a bit curlie and is your hair a bit curly?

Love Simona D

Dear Shania

Did you know we had a fair on Saturday at school. It was very good fun. What is happening at your school? we went horse riding on Sunday.

Love Julia

Dear Aleis

Have you seen whales there? My family and I went to the Springfield Fair on Saturday. I went to play some games. It is still nice and hot here. It was my dads birthday on Tuesday. It was cool! I had some food.

Love Beth

Dear Julie

Did you know we had a fair on saturday at school? It was very fun. What happened at your place? We went horse riding on Sunday

Love Julia

Dear Renee

I wish you were at the Springfield Fete. My friend is Simona. She is writing to Hannah. She was on the quiz. Must I tell you another joke? Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Because chickens weren't invented!

Love Catherine

To Kylie

I went to the Springfield fair. I went only to go to Anastone. There was a cute little lamb because it was lucky we found it. I stayed there for one sleep. I went home the next day

Love Megan

To Lauren On Saturday it was the Springfield Fair and there was foam and I went in it. There was a slippery slide which I also went on. I watched the circus it was very funny and this one game pull-a- string. I got prizes. They were very nice. My favourite one was a blue bag.

From your best friend Lauren

Dear Danielle

Did you know that we had a fair on Saturday just in case you do not remember my name is Bianca Beck. I did not go to the fair because I went to a place in the mountain. There was a waterfall there but you were not allowed to swim there because a ten year old boy died there.

From Bianca and Robyn

Dear Danielle

I understand that you are very busy writing to Bianca but please can you write to me as well.

Thank you very much, Robyn and Bianca.

Dear Ellis

On Saturday I went to the school fair. I played lots of fun games. Some of the games I played were pull a string and the foam bath and water slide. After that I went to the circus and the clowns did lots of funny tricks. They did lots of flips. Then it was finished.

Love Emily Mc

Dear Ronnie

On Saturday it was the Springfield fair. We played lots of games and I made a bangle and after the fair we went to the Spur and we got a fan and we took it to school and there was a pull a string and it was so much fun. There was foam, there was a stall.

The weather was 25 degrees in Cape Town today 3/10 .
Yesterday 3/9 was 24
Monday was 3/8 21 degrees
Last Friday 3/5 was 20 degrees
Last Thursday 3/4 was 19 degrees
Last Wednesday 3/3 was 22 degrees

Your best friend Chloe

To Savannah

On Saturday we had a fair and it was fun. My Mom was helping in the toy store. There was a circus and it was very funny and my Dad was also there and my Granny was there. Then we went home and had a swim and it was very cold.

From Megan.

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Patti Weeg
March 17, 2004