What is the Reserve?

Dear Ms. Anetaís Class,
Thank you for the PowerPoint. We liked it a lot! What is the Reserve? We donít have mountains here. Our 100th day of school was Wednesday. Loonie and toonie are neat names for money. We have a cartoons called Looney Tunes! We have a $1.00 coin called a golden dollar. When we help with chores around the house we get an allowance from ours parents. Sometimes we spend our money. Sometimes we save our money in the bank. Do you get an allowance? Do you spend or save your allowance? Please write back soon!
From, Mrs. Spicerís Class

Dear Mrs. Spicer's Class,
Thank you for all your wonderful questions. We are an Indian Band school which is located on an Indian reservation. All of the students are Indian but some of the teachers are not. Included in our education is learning our Indian language, which is taught by our elders. Do you know a second language? Our school does a lot of fundraising throughout the school year, like selling baked goods in the cafeteria or helping with lunch sales. We all love gym class. We are learning about gymnastics. As well, we love working on the computer. What are your favourite subjects?
From, Mrs. Prettie's Class

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Patti Weeg
March 17, 2004