Haley's Gen Y Project

Hi Miss Aneta,
Hi my name is Haley and I'm a fifth grade student. I'm helping Mrs. Spicer with a project so I typed the message from her class. Here it is.

Dear Friends in Canada in Miss Aneta's class,

We are learning about money in math. The names of our coins are quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. We also have a one dollar bill. The quarter is worth $.25. Dimes are worth $.10. The penny is worth $.1. Do you have money in Canada? What kind of money do you have in Canada?

Your Friends,
Mrs. Spicer's Class

From Canada:
FROM: "Aneta Prettie"
DATE: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 16:44:12 -0800

Hello Mrs. Spicer's Class: Yes, we have money in Canada. Our penny is also worth $.01, nickel $.05, dime $.10, and the quarter $.25. We use to have a dollar bill but now it's a one dollar coin, called a loonie! We no longer have a two dollar bill either, it's a two dollar coin called a toonie. (Change purses are a must!)

Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:13:20 -0500

Dear Ms. Anetaís Class,
Thank you for the PowerPoint. We liked it a lot! What is the Reserve? We donít have mountains here. Our 100th day of school was Wednesday. Loonie and toonie are neat names for money. We have a cartoons called Looney Tunes! We have a $1.00 coin called a golden dollar. When we help with chores around the house we get an allowance from our parents. Sometimes we spend our money. Sometimes we save our money in the bank. Do you get an allowance? Do you spend or save your allowance? Please write back soon!
Mrs. Spicerís Class

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Patti Weeg
February 28, 2004