Using Technology at Delmar

April 2005

Delmar students began using Palm handhelds in the 2003-2004 school year.

Using Palms - 2004-2005 school year.

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Grade 4

Students in Mrs. Blackwell's class typed Haikus in Memo Pad and printed them on our new Palm printer.

YRE Intersession

Students in our Year Round Intersession classes have fun using Palms for math and reading practice. Miss Payne and Miss Damush watch as a young student types sight words on her Palm in Memo Pad.


Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Baker and our students in the after school STARS program use MonkeyByte Math on our Palms when they want a fun way to review addition and subtraction facts.

Grade 5

Mrs. Urban's 5th grade students are building their dream houses! They calculated the floor plans in math class and then came to the computer lab where they "built" and printed their floor plans using Look out, Frank Lloyd Wright... here they come!

Grade 5

Students in Mrs. Taylor's 5th grade homeroom class used Palm handhelds for their spelling test. They typed their words in Memo Pad and printed their test on our Palm printer. What a fun way to take a test!

Grade 1

First grade students in Mrs. Spicer's class showed everyone that they, too, can use Palm handhelds and keyboards. They had fun taking a Friday spelling test in Memo Pad. Mrs. Spicer printed their tests as soon as they finished. These first grade students really enjoy using Palms!

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 5, 2005