Using Technology at Delmar

March 2005

Delmar students began using Palm handhelds in the 2003-2004 school year.

Using Palms - 2004-2005 school year.

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Grade 3

Students in Mrs. Lewis' third grade are beaming QuizzlerPro files to each other so that all the Palm handhelds have a quiz on analogies. The students had fun taking this quiz. Later in the day, during math class, the students practiced their multiplication facts using MonkeyByte Math and Timer Math Facts.

Grade 1

Students in Miss Damush's first grade use Palms to review addition and subtraction facts using MonkeyByte software. The students very quickly learn how to find their way around the programs.

Grade 3

Students in Mrs. Owens' grade 3 classroom are practicing their Daily Oral Phonics to get ready for the MSA test. They are taking a "quiz" in QuizzlerPro on Palm handhelds. Taking a quiz on the Palms is more fun than using paper and pencil.

Grade 3

Mrs. Lewis' third grade students are poets! They are writing their poems in FreeWrite on our Palm handhelds. After the students typed their poems on the Palm keyboards they beamed their files to Mrs. Lewis. Everyone enjoyed typing on the tiny keyboards. These students are also typing letters to their online friends in South Africa on their Palms.

Grade 3

Mrs. Owens' math class visited the computer lab to complete a Kidspiration activity (BCR) on flips, slides and turns that she made for them during a WCBOE online math course. Mrs. Owens included a hyperlink in her Kidspiration template that links to an interactive math website on the same topic. This Kidspiration template is available to all at Delmar from the main screen of the program under "Math Activities."

Grade 2

Miss DeLong's second grade students had lots of fun using MonkeyByte Math to practice their math facts. They had so much fun they didn't want to stop.

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 5, 2005