New Friends in American Samoa!

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Dear Miss Patti Weeg and Friends in Delaware:

I write this letter with a happy heart that we have new friends all the way on the other side of the world like YOU ALL! I really appreciate and am grateful to your teacher for allowing us to come to you through the airwaves of the Internet. Here in American Samoa we are a bit outdated and a bit behind on a lot of technology wares but we're hoping to catch up soon like with Skype and Elluminate programs! But, our team here in American Samoa we are not a class like yourselves. We are team of interested students in social studies and technology. We have meetings every Mondays and Wednesdays on projects we have on-campus integrating social studies and technology. Our resources are not that updated here but we try to make do. We look forward to sharing and hearing from you soon. We'll be sending pictures of us and our school and our island very soon - AS SOON AS WE GET A DIGITAL CAMERA! LOL. But, we wish you all a MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS! Manuia le Kerisimasi!
With warm wishes,
from Team American Samoa.

December 01, 2005

Dear Megan:

Talofa and hello to you. My name is Fidenikin and I am in level 8 at Alofau School in American Samoa. I tried to look for your shcool on our maps but our school don't really have good maps. But, I know where your state is at! hahaha. I am very happy to hear from you and our new friends there over the Internet! I am learning a lot from my teacher and also from your teacher too by letting us on hte computer! I'll tell u later about American Samoa and our school here because my other partners need to come use the comptuer, too! Take caer. Oh, the weather her is always humid and tropical! I mean we never have snow or sun at a certain time like seasons. It's rainy and windy and sunny all year long! For Christmas I would like an X-Box and roller blades and all lord of the ring movies to watch everyday!

Take care,

December 1, 2005

Dear Jesse:

Talofa lava to you my new friend. how are you? It's a bit rainy here in Alofau. My friends here we're trying to look for your school on the map! Yeah we're a very small dot on the map of the world but we're very happy to have the internet to see the world in a bigger window! But, our weather is we do not have seasons. It's windy, riany and sunny all around! But, for christmas I would love to get to go to Hawaii to wait for my brother coming back from Iraq and go to sea life park and PCC to watch the dancers! But take care til we talk again.

tofa soifua (good bye)

December 2, 2005

Dear Karon

My name is Angel and I am a girl in level 8 here in Alofau School. we saw where you're at but we hope we're right! hahaha! The weather of American Samoa is weird it's not really like we have seasons but we're very humid and dry sometimes. You'd really sticky after the morning hours. But, for christmas I would like a laptop too to do my work on. I'd also like to go to Hawaii to wait for my dad coming back from the war in Iraq. I didn't want him to go at first but he had to! I'm glad and proud he did. But, take care and I'll talk to u laters!

Angel. By the way, my name ANGEL in Samoan is AGELU.

Dear Kristina

Hi there! My name is Julius and I am a Level 8 boy in Alofau School. how are you doing today? How's the weather there right now? Here is american Samoa it's a bit rainy and sunny at some times too! It's weird but that's the weather usually like in American Samoa. For Christmas? I want to get a portable DVD player so I can watch all my DVDs from my friends, or a boom box to blast cool music from on Christmas and I wish I can go to California to visit my family there and go to Disneyland.

Take care, friend.
Love Julius

Dear De'Jour:

I really like your name! I ask Miss Sauni, my teacher, what kind of name it is and she guess it may be an African-American name. Are we right? Let me know! People think my name is weirrd too, my name is WilettaHelenia. Don't ask me where I got it from it's my Mom and Dad's idea. Yeah, American Samoa is really only a dot on the map. But, to me it's the whole world! I love my island anyhow. The weather of Ameican Samoa can make you mad sometimes. It's rainy then it's sunny then it's windy! We don't have snow here at all. We are now in the hurricane season which started November all the way to April. BUT, lately it's been all year long was hurrican season and hurricane and tsumani watch! I think our world is going thru major changes if you ask me! But for Christmas I wish I can get my own computer so i don't have to compete with my older sister for it! I want ot have my own LAPTOP but they're very expensive down about $4000. Take care for now my new friend, and I am glad to meet you here. We'll send a picture soon of all of us here in American Samoa nad our teacher!

take care

Dear Joshua:

Hi today is December 1, 2005 so HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! I am in Level 8 and I'm a girl! It's a bit rainy then sunny in American Samoa it's making me mad! I came with no umbrella cause it was bright and shiny earlier but now I should've brought my umbrella causae it's rainy. American Samoa is a very small island but we love it anyways becuase it's HOME! For Christmas I want to get new clothes and the ones with the G-unit logo on it! It's the coolest. But take care I have to go back to class now.

Tofa soifua,

Dear Bryce:

Hello there and Talofa from American samoa. How are you? My name is Manumalo Harlan Leatigaga and I am in Level 8. I am so happy to meet you and know you're a friend of mine too. Yes, American Samoa is very small but to me it's very big! Maybe because I love my American Samoa and I lived here most of my life. The weather? Oh please don't even talk about the weather. Our weather right now it's getting sunnier from the rain we had earlier! So, it's very upsetting me! For Christmas I just want to be free from my chores and get DVD movies and wwatch tv the whole day and for vacation I wish I can go to Upolu to see a new place than American samoa.

Take care and great to hear from you,

Dear Shelletta:

Talofa lava ia te oe le uo! (hello to you my friend). My name is Helena Alexandra Taisau and I am in Level 8. Yes Delaware is a far away place from American Samoa but I am glad to finally know and meet someone from there! I only know of delaware thru the books we have here but I know for most people they get to see American Samoa first time on th Internet. So thank God for internet. The weather is a bit gray outside half rain and the sun is shining on mountain tops only! I am not sure if the sun is deciding to shine for real or just joking with us. BUT, for Christmas I wish to get new clothes and new shoes! I have a new digital camera from my uncle who came back from Iraq so we're using it now to take pictures of our group and send it off to everyone so they can see who we are! But take care of yourself my little friend. and if u have anymore questions about Samoa just email my teacher MISS SAUNI and she'll give me the letter!

Tofa soifua,

Dear friend Taner:

How are you? talofa from American Samoa! My name is Sala Daphne Ta'ase and I'm in Level 8 at Alofau School. So you located my school? COOL!?? Can you tell me again what your school name is and what city it's in? I want to find you myself becuase my partner here is just joking around with our globe but we only have 5 computers and we have to take turns. Please tell me your school name and city location so I can find you out at home! What I want for Christmas is a laptop with Internet connection so I can come in and visit with you all the time! Take care til we talk again my new friend.

Your friend,
Sala Daphne.

Dear Konner

Talofa lava! It is so great to hear from you. Delaware is a far away place like us here. But, yes American Samoa is small but it's big to me since I've lived here all my life! I got to visit the states and other islands but home is American Samoa. But, how is the weather there today? It's really half and half of rain and sun! So I don't konw how to say it! For Christmas I was to get a computer with Internet conneciton at home and my own room. I also want a digital camera to take pictures and download and send them to you and your friends there so you can see us and hope to see you too! But i have to go to lunch now. tkae care and great to hear from you.

Your friend,

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Patti Weeg
updated December 3, 2005