Wicomico County Professional Day, January 30, 2004

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Primary Intermediate
[6.A.3.a: Kdgn. - pennies, nickels and dimes; Grade 1 up to $1] Students click and drag the correct coins into the box to match the price of the object. Coins are found on the left sidebar. [download the file] (Gr. 4) 3.C.2.c; (Gr. 5) 3.C.2.b Liquid Measurements created by Marilyn Hlass -
Students use the clever image to identify equivalent units of liquid measurement. [download the file]
[6.A.3.a: Grade 2 - up to $10] Students identify the amount of money in the boxes and type the amount in the yellow box.[download the file] (Gr. 3, 5) 2.A.1.b; (Gr. 4) 2.A.2.a Students will identify and label polygons. Activity can be expanded to include number of sides and measure of angles. [download the file]
[6.A.2.a] Students match fractions with the appropriate figure representing the fraction. [download the file] (Gr. 3, 4, 5) 3.C.1.a; (Gr. 3, 4, 5) 3.C.1.b By clicking and dragging squares on the screen, students make shapes with a given area and perimeter. Students can be challenged to make figures with other criteria such as a single figure with a perimter of 12 units and an area of 9 square units. [download the file]

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Patti Weeg
January 4, 2004