Kidspiration templates

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Filename Description Grade Level Content Area
all_about_me.kid concept map describing the student Grade 1 Language Arts
antonyms.kid students match antonyms and write sentences with antonyms Grade 2 Language Arts
change_15cents.kid making change - total 15 cents Grades 2 and 3 Math
change_15cents.kid making change - total 50 cents Grades 2 and 3 Math
clocks_gr3.kid elapsed time Grade 3 Math
combining two sentences into one Grade 3 Language Arts
congruent.kid identifying and matching congruent figures Grade 2 Math
contractions.kid matching contractions to word pairs Grade 2 Language Arts
contractions2.kid writing word pairs for contractions; using contraction in a sentence Grade 2 Language Arts
effect.kid identifying cause and effect Grade 2 Language Arts
facts.kid identifying fact and opinion Grade 3 Language Arts
identifying pictures that begin with specific consonants Grades Pre-K, K and 1 Reading
lines_and_curves.kid identifying letters made with lines, curves or both Grades Pre-K, K and 1 Reading
identifying main ideas, details and details that don't belong Grade 3 Language Arts
measure.kid measure_hands.kid nonstandard measurement Grade 1 Math
money.kid making $1.00 with 7 coins Grade 3 Math
money15-20.kid making 13, 15, 19 cents Grades 1, 2 Math
money35-85.kid making 37, 43, 85 cents Grades 1, 2 Math
money5-10.kid making 6, 8 and 9 cents Grades K and 1 Math
my_hands_and_my_feet.kid identifying pictures showing what hands and feet can do. Grade 1 Language Arts
pre-k_money.kid making 3, 4 and 5 cents Grade Pre-K and K Math
shapes.kid Identifying geometric shapes Grade 2 Math
short_vowels.kid Identifying picture words with short vowels a, e, i, o and u Grades 1 and 2 Reading
short_vowels2.kid students add vowels to make words with short vowels Grade 1 Reading
synonyms.kid students match synonyms and write sentences with synonyms Grade 2 Language Arts
venn_diagram.kid Venn diagram organizer Grades 1-5 Reading and Math
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Patti Weeg
January 2004