Below are links to the projects that are highlighted in our workshop. Some are no longer active but they show many possibilities for addressing curriculum standards and supporting enduring understandings when students join the global classroom.

Status Subject Project Title Description
ongoing - stipend required writing Authors in Residence, - Presentation in Florida (mentor) A published children's author works online with six students for the course of seven months as each student writes an original story.
past science, social studies Connecting From the Ice - Antarctica (experts) Two scientists stationed at McMurdo, Antarctica, wrote to Delmar students and shared their experiences with them.
past language arts, math, social studies Friends Half a World Away! - Taiwan Second students at Delmar sent email, videos, pictures and small presents to their online friends in Taiwan during the whole school year.
past language arts, math, social studies Friends in BC, Canada First grade students at Delmar wrote to online friends in BC, Canada
ongoing language arts, social studies Grandmother and Me Students tell the word for 'grandmother' in their language. They also discuss topics about grandmothers for each month of the year.
past current events Gujarat Earthquake Students from the Visamo (relief) Camp joined Kidlink and drew pictures of their feelings. Roopal Mehta, a Kidlink member, was a volunteer at the camp.
ongoing reading, language arts Hooked on Books Students post a summary and, if desired, an illustration of their favorite book
ongoing all content areas I Have a Dream When students join Kidlink they are asked to tell how they would like the world to be better and what they can do right now to make this happen. In the "I Have a Dream" 8 month program, Kidlink challenges its students to make these dreams for a better world come true through collaboration with students in another part of the world.
online resources math Interactive Math Websites On this page you will find links to many online interactive math websites.
ongoing art KidArt Student art work is displayed in the Kidlink KidArt area. Currently there is a contest to see who will make the drawing that will become the Kidlink pet.
March each year writing, social studies, math Kidlink Day On the selected day each year, Kidlink students write a journal of a complete school day. Journals are posted in KidSpace for all to see and enjoy.
ongoing all content areas Kidlink Project Webpage On this page you will find the current and ongoing Kidlink projects. Since summer in the north is a quiet time for projects, you should also browse the past projects page. Many of these will run again in the 2003-2004 school year.
past writing, math, social studies Online Friends in South Africa and Canada Grade 1 students at Delmar wrote to online friends in British Columbia, Canada and Cape Town, South Africa.
ongoing art Paint the Peace Students read the poem by Tali Sorek and paint their versions of peace.
ongoing all content areas Projects from Patti's Global Classroom On this page you can always see what's happening in the global classroom at Delmar.
past writing, social studies, current events Request for Letters from Arab Countries Two Kidlink teachers from the Negev Desert in Israel asked for students in Arab countries to write to their high school students. This was an effort to have the students come to deeper understandings of their different cultures and, in some small way, help to bring about peace.
ongoing art Self Portrait Thsi art project gives students the chance to describe and express themselves using art. The hope is that art will stimulate a universal dialogue between participants worldwide as the project progresses.
past but may continue language arts Serenity Quest Students in Richmond, VA discussed issues of concern to them: What kind of problems or violence do we see in your neigborhood such as domestic violence, drug-violence, and murder? How do we bring peace in our neighborhoods? How can we cope with violence? How can we help our neighbors and communities to seek peace?
past science The Beat Goes On - Heart (experts) Students learned about the heart and pacemakers from a Field Clinical Engineer who works for a leading pacemaker company.
past current events, social studies, science Treasure Oil spill and soiled penguins Students in Maryland learned about the devastating effects of oil spills on sea animals from a teenager in Cape Town who volunteered to help clean soiled penguins after the Treasure ship sank.
ongoing current events, writing We Want Peace Students express their desires for world peace using art and text.
ongoing writing, social studies What Does My First Name Mean? In this project students research the meaning of their own first names and consider whether the meaning actually fits their character.
ongoing math What's My Number? Students create a math story problems using no numbers (only clues to numbers) for students around the world to solve.
ongoing all content areas Who Am I? "Who Am I" is an 8 month program divided into 6 modules: Who Am I?, Where Do I Live?, What Are My Rights?, My Friends and Family , What Are My Roots?, and Virtual Vacation
ongoing writing, language arts Word Weavers Students may write on any of the suggested monthly workshop topics, start or add to a "ping-pong" story, and write on a topic they have chosen for themselves.


Patti Weeg
July 24, 2004