Watching the Weather

Friends in Delmar and Cape Town

For teachers: Thoughts from behind the scenes

Tevin and Gunnar can tell you the temperature in Cape Town, South Africa. They can also tell you where South Africa is on their world map. Their friend, Dylan, lives in Cape Town and he sends them the temperature every day. Dylan's school website shows our project too! Now they are making a chart to show what the temperature is in Delmar and Cape Town. They use a thermometer in Mrs. Hansen's classroom to estimate temperature conversions and check the website to see if they are correct. These boys are excited about doing math!

Dylan's teacher, Mrs. Deirdre Visser wrote:

Wonderful to hear from you again. We will enjoy making a chart about the weather. That will be exciting! Dylan has looked in the paper and as you know today is our first day of Spring!! Today's weather is cloudy with rain. The temperature is 18 degrees C. Dylan is sooo excited and Nikita has helped him to read the message. We look forward to hear from your students and my dad says hello.

Deirdre, Dylan, Nikita and Daniel who is in class now

Tevin and Gunnar were surprised to learn that it was their first day of spring in Cape Town. It is almost fall in Delmar. They used their big classroom thermometer to find out how many degrees in Fahrenheit the Cape Town temperature (18C) was. You can see the thermometer in the picture.

Gathering Weather Data

Tevin and Gunnar are making a data table with the weather information from both places. They wrote to Dylan:

Dear Dylan,

We are your friends in Maryland. We are in the third grade and we are eight and one half years old. We live in Delmar, Maryland. Our temperature today is 66 degrees F. That is 18.89 degrees C. We found you on the map, Can you find us on the map? Did you see the penguins with oil on them?

Write back tomorrow with your temperature.

Tevin and Gunnar

Dylan wrote back the next day!

hi it was good to hear about your weather temperature is 61 F today.

From Dylan and Mrs Visser

He wrote again on September 8, 2000 and sent two pictures!

tevin and gunnar , the penguins are full of oil in the water. I am in grade 2. My teacher is Mrs Sher she is strict. I am 8 years old. from dylan.

Dear Tevin and Gunnar, Patti and Mrs Hansen

Thank you for the lovely picture you sent and for your temperature chart. I look at the thermometer on the hut at our school gate to see the temperature every day. Ivan is the man in the photograph next to the hut. Ivan is the school grampa. I am sending two photos to you - one of me and one of the thermometer.

Dylan and Mrs Visser

Tevin and Gunnar replied:

Dear Dylan and Friends,

Thank you for the pictures. They are lovely and bright. Dylan what were you drawing? We can see your picture that you were working on. Were you writing about your picture that you drew? We don't have a school Grandpa. Do you have a fence around your school? We don't have a fence or a hut or a gate.

Yesterday's high temperature was 78 and today's temperature at 11 AM is 73. Should we be taking the temperature at the same time each day? We meet everyday at 11 AM. That is 5 PM in Capetown - isn't it. You are probably at that time while we are still in school.

Your friends,
Tevin, Gunnar and Mrs. Weeg and Mrs. Hansen

Here is the data table Tevin and Gunnar are making with Dylan's help:

Temperatures in Delmar and Cape Town

Date Delmar
Cape Town
Cape Town
9-6-00 66 18.9 64 18
9-7-00 78 26 61 16
9-8-00 73 23 64 18
9-11-00 79 26 70 21
9-12-00 79 26 64 18
9-13-00 84 29
9-14-00 73 23 63 17
9-15-00 70 21 66 19
9-18-00 68 20
9-19-00 77 25
9-20-00 75 24
9-21-00 73 23
9-22-00 66 19 82 28
9-25-00 57 14 57 14
9-26-00 61 16

What happened to the penguins in South Africa?

While Tevin and Gunnar discussed the temperature in Cape Town and found it on the map, Mrs. Weeg told them about three famous penguins named Peter, Pamela and Percy.

Tevin and Gunnar are very curious boys and they have questions about the penguins in South Africa who got oil on themselves because of the Treasure oil spill. You can read all about the oil spill. The boys asked Tracey Bruton their questions because she helped clean some of the soiled penguins.

Dear Tracey,

Was it hard to wash the penguins? Why did you put transmitters on them?

Your friend,

Dear Tracey,

Why did you clean the oil from the penguins? How long does it take you to clean a penguin?

Your friend,

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Patti Weeg

September 26, 2000