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  1. Delmar sends greetings and asks our new friends some questions.
  2. Meet our friends in Mount Currie, BC, Canada. - beautiful pictures!
  3. Eating Indian Ice Cream - Xit'olacw Community School
  4. Traditional salmon bar-b-q in Xit'olacw Community, recipe for bannock
  5. Students are dressed for the Pow Wow - letters from the students in Mount Currie
  6. First grade students at Xit'olacw Community School
  7. Floods in British Columbia -became a math lesson
  8. Our display wall - in the computer lab.
  9. Watching the video from Mount Currie
  10. Flood reports by Reinal, Samantha and Al
  11. Ready to carve pumpkins - Grade 1 at Xit'olacw Community
  12. Halloween Fun! at Xit'olacw Community School
  13. Halloween Fun! in Maryland
  14. Hello America from Grade 7 at Xit'olacw Community School
  15. Letters in reply to friends in Canada from Delmar Gen Y students
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Patti Weeg
October 25, 2003