"I can do it by myself."

Geebung Special School Motto
Welcome, Marg!
our friend
in Australia

Marg: Hello all from Geebung Special School in Australia. Please look us up at


if I have the incorrect address just do a net search for Geebung Special School and that will give you all an idea of the children

As for computers ours is the only room with an internet connection and there is one in the staffroom. Less than half the staff would be comfortable using the internet but most can use computers with their children. We have a room with five computers , apple and IBM and Acorn /IBM compatables and each class has some type of old computer in the room. The computers are used mostly for entertainment and reinforcement, drill.

The internet has been great in our room the children are not yet able to access the net on their own but they look forward to letters to and from your lot. We are the only class who can have an appreciation of the interaction. The staff have an IBM and a laptop but we still often have conflicts of time (how did we ever survive without them ).

We are just discussing voice thingies where you speak and the computer types it up . Do you know any good ones? I have a problem with arthritis and typing is beginning to be a problem.