"...the bread crumb dropping wanderer has again lured this bird into yet another exciting adventure..."

"I believe that we as teachers need to cultivate our "learner's instinct..." for if we approach the world, in wonder, as learners, there are countless epiphanies awaiting us out there."

Lynne Sueoka

Lynne: Aloha all :) And what a stellar group (stellar, Stella, star...Lars-Erik ;)

Well, Patti, the bread crumb dropping wanderer has again lured this bird into yet another exciting adventure...itinerant workers all, aren't we?

Just read the post Patti forwarded from Lars-Erik about words...got me inspired to re-launch our Words from the Heart KidProject that I tried unsuccessfully to get started this year but still intend to run...perhaps early next year...sigh...can't get to the project page now cause my DNS is down...maybe Patti has it handy ;)

But the idea is basically that our "words from the heart" in our language and with our cultural history, define us....

We did a "how did I get my name" with fourth graders, and later with middle schoolers...where the kids went home and interviewed their parents on the significance and background of their name...

Darrel, last summer, was one of our demo-interviews and came to our summer school class to be interviewed on his name...turned out to be a very powerful activity....

In the beginning was the Word, after all...and naming is a very powerful act both in religion and myth...

Oh boy, Patti, you got me hooked that's for sure ;)

[Lynne found the URL - Patti]

Got the web page address for the Words from the Heart project...would love to have everyone's input and participation in a fall '98 launch...a nice way to start the school year and set the tone of mutual respect and *wonder* for the year :)