Delmar, Maryland is Flying High

...with "Balloonin' USA"

Mr. Kevin came to Delmar!!!

Delmar Elementary School third grade teacher, Myrna Hastings, has brought an exciting project to Delmar. She writes:

"Balloonin' USA became a project for our school when I discovered the post ( while surfing the Internet) this summer. The description sounded great because it was describing our 3 rd grade Social Studies Curriculum. Students around the world will be following the first hot-air balloon trek across the USA.

Armed with the e-mail response and all the reasons why we should subscribe to this project, I was off to see our principal, Barbara Purnell. The presentation was made and sitting there with legs, toes, and fingers crossed waiting for her response, she finally spoke and said "Go For It!"

As more e-mail arrived I soon realized that this project will benefit more classes than just third grade. Presentations and updates and faculty meetings and talking to teachers has been a great interest builder. Another classroom joined us this week! Way to go! (I think other teachers discussing what they were doing, prompted her to join the activities). Every classroom participating is following the project in different ways.

Until the Balloonin' USA homepage is updated regularly, a copy of all e-mail is kept in notebooks in the Teacher's Workrooms, Teacher's Lounge, and Mrs. Purnell's office. The teachers are able to keep up with Kevin's travels and pull the information that they need for their individual projects.

My class waits to see where Kevin is everyday and can't wait to update their folders when a new school has been visited. The atlases and encyclopedias will not gather dust this year. It seems words like latitude and longitude have become words with meaning to these third graders!"

Myrna Hastings

Apparently the sky is the limit at Delmar. Follow the links to see how classes are joining the activities.

Mr. Kevin is Coming to Delmar!!

Mr. Kevin was here! and he brought pictures

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