Please Come to Delmar

Dear Kevin,

Our State must take the Maryland School Performance tests in the spring each year. Part of the third grade task is to write persuasive letters. Our third grade teachers are using the "Balloonin' USA" project to reinforce this skill. Your project *does* tie in with our curriculum. This is excellent! We hope you will take the requests of the children to heart and come visit us. I have left their letters as they wrote them. ;-)

All the best... Happy holidays,

Patti Weeg

Dear Kevin

We would like you to come and visit us at Delmar Elementary School. We have alot of land for you could take off from. We"ve been working very hard to keep track of where you are. I love to guess were your at.

p.s. I hope you keep communicating with Delmar Elementary School.

p.s. We really want you to come.

Yours Forever,

Dear Kevin

we would like you to come to our school. Becauseit is the bestschoolin/ Delmd .The food is the best here. Miss Hawkins is the best class in the school. The land is flat so you can lift off easier. The weather is warm and hot. You really should come to our school.Our school name isDelmar Elmeratary school.

The end
your friend

Dear Kevin,

please come to our school first . We have flat land and a soccer field and another big field. And we have friendly people here .Our school is second biggest school in Delmar.We can give you some corn pone. We would like to here more about you. and your balloon

Your friend

Dear Kevin,

We would like you to come and visit us at Delmar Elementary School.We like you alot.You are the best ballonist.We have been getting your letters. We have been tracking you.

Your friend,

Dear Kevin,

We would like you to visit us at Delmar Elementary School.You should come here because we are very polite.We are also in two states,Maryland and Delaware.We all hope you come!

Your friend,

Dear Kevin,

We would like you to come to visit us at Delmar Elementray school. We have a great firehouse. We have flat land for you to land for your balloon. We have 2 playgrounds. One is a little one and the other one is the big playground.If you come to our school you will be in two states. We have a boy in our class and his name is Kevin, too. If you come here you will see portables. And the closet to the merrygoround that is Mrs.Hawkins" portables.The rest of them are the rest ofthe 3rd grade teachers. In this class we have won the attendance bander all this year. We won 3 things this year,they are a free Play-time-Alley,2 free frenchfies. Well got to go by!

Your friend,
P.S.please come


CAN YOU COME TO OUR SCHOOL ? WE ARE THE SECOND BIGGEST SCHOOL IN OUR COMUNITY,AND I HAVE HEARD SO MUCH about you in school and everybody in my school really wants to meet you and learn about your balloon.

your friend,

Dear Kevin,

I think you should come to our school because we are in tow states,Maryland and Delaware.It would be like you could get at the same time.So please come to our school.We have bout 9 thousand people in our school.I think that is alot of people.Ithink that our school is great.I think you would like it too.

Your friend,

Dear Kevin,

We would like you to come and visit us at Delmar Elementary School. We have flat land. And a big playground. You will go in two states ,too! We have never had a hot air balloon land at our school. And we have a boy in our class named Kevin ,too! We have a big playground at our school. We would like to see your balloon. We would like to see you ,too! We would realy like you to come. We would like to see how big your balloon is. We have a Basket Ball cort in our school ,too! We have a Fire House in Delmar ,too! Please come!

Merry Christmas,

Dear Kevin,

Hi! I would like to tell you some reasons to come to Delmar Elementary School.You could count are school as two states.We have two playgrounds.Our portable is new.We would to know you because we are particapating in Balloonin U.S.A.I would be happy to speak with you.Merry Christmas.

With Care,
P.S. Please Come!

Dear mr kevin,

how are you i hope you can come because we have a nice school and nice people and we have a ballfield for the ballon to land and take off .

your friend

Dear Kevin,

Come to our school if you can. What is a balloon like? What do you eat on balloon?

Your Friend

Dear Kevin,

I think you should come to our school because our school can gather up money realy fast if we need it to get something for the school.We have alot of playground activities to do.Our class even has little maps of the United states and we color in the states that you go to.

Yours Truly,


You should come to Delmar Elamantary School because we have smart students like me and we have a nice school.We have nice teachers especially the 3rd grade teachers.We also have a nice princaple.We would be glad if come because we could see your balloon.We would be glad that you came because we could see you take of in your balloon.If you came you came,you could give the teachers a brek.

yours truly,

Dear Kevin,

We would like you to come and visit us at Delmar Elementary School. You could take off and land perfectly. We have nice flat land.We have the best school in Maryland.We have the best teachers.We have the best students too.

P.S. I hope you come !!!!!! Your Friend,

Dear Kevin

We would like you to come and visit us Delmar Elemantry School. You would be coming to two states and I think you would very much like it.It is for Delaware and Maryland kids.You would get to meet teacher that writes you which is Ms.Hastings in thirdgrade. She is the only that writesyou.I am from Mrs.Hawkins class.Our grades goes from k gradet to sixth grade.Well goodbye and Merry Christmas.

your friend,

p.s. Write back Kevin please and happy holidays. HAPPY NEW YEARS MR. KEVIN THE BALLOONEST .

dear keven

Could you come to Delmer Elem.School. We will give you a MD.bscuit . If you come and talk to us we will be very happy.


dear kevin,

come to our school we have friendly people and soccer feild and smooth land.


Dear Kevin,

How are you.I am fine.Can you come to our school.We have pot.pie. We have friendly people.Try to come here.We have a big play ground for taking off and landing.How big is you balloon.Please come here.Please wright back. Bye!!! Bye!!!! Your friend,

Patricia A. Weeg
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