Myrna Hastings' Class

Dear friends,

We made balloons out of paper mache. We were all messy And it was a lot of fun. I painted mine orange and yellow. We let it dry outside . He started in South Dakota.Do you have children? yes or no.

your friend

Dear Mr. Kevin,

How do you work in a balloon? Do you like your job? We have been making a balloon. It is made out of paper mache. Mine is green and blue and red and yellow.. We painted our balloons. It is fun to make a hot air balloon.

Will you come to our school? We really want you yo to come our school.

Do you like kids a lot? Do you have kids? We have hung up our balloons. We put them outside.


Dear Mr. Kevin,

how are you doing up there? I am doing fine. We miss you a lot. we love you a lot do you have a wife or kids? Do you have a family? We are making a Balloonin' USA. My name is April O'Neal and I know your name is Kevin.

do you have a babby is it a boy or a girl? We are writing a letter to you. We are doing a lot in school. We are doing fine in school. We made a baskit when are you gettin married?

Your friend,
April O

Dear Mr. Kevin,

I am making a balloon. Somebody blew up my balloon. I was absent when my class started to make the balloons. They put paper mache on it. We colored our basket. They are made out of milk cartons. How was North Dakota?

Please come to our school. Is it fun up there? I like your name. Does it look neat when you are up there?

I love your balloon. Green is my good color.


Dear Mr. Kevin,

We are making balloons. I heard you went to 4 places. Did you see ocean. Did you see the world?


Dear Mr. Kevin,

We are making a hot air balloon out of paper mache. Today we painted our balloons. It toke a hour. It was fun. Thae we wash our hands. The we wrote this letter on paper. Now we are putting it on Mrs. Weeg's computers. Now we are writing in the screens! I want to know if you like your job.

Please come to our school. Do you have a partner? I like your name.

Your friend,

Dear Mr. Kevin,

How are you? We are doing paper mache. I like balloons We miss you a lot .Do you have a wife or kdis? I love school. My name is April Johnson. I have four sisters. Do you have a baby? I now your name your name is Kevin. We love you. I made my design out of red and orange. It was fun.


Dear Mr. Kevin,

We did a paper machae balloon. We used a balloon, newspaper and milk cartons. Wehad to use paint too. My balloon is like a rainbow. I used blue, yellew, orange. How big is your balloon.It was fun. I heard you took off at South Dakota. We sent a balloon off. It was like a real one. I hope you come to Delmar. I like your name. Does it look neat when you are up there?

Your Friend,
from Drew

Dear Mr. Kevin,

We are making paper mache balloons to fly in our room. My basket is all diferent colers. It's very messy, but it was fun. After we painted our paper mache we had to make a design to copy on our balloon. Mine is orange with white.

your friend

P.S. My teacher Ms. Hastings is from North Dakota. She has told us many things about North Dakota. We know why shelter belts were used. We studied in science how tree roots hold the soil so it can't blow away.
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