Letters From Mr. Twilley's Class

Heather, Sierra, Keren, Rashaun, Carlos and Kevin

Dear friends,

There were lots of pictures of the hot air ballon on the computer. Mr. Twilley told us all about the pictures and how they put the hot air into it. It was fun. One child let the balloon go. Autumn is the girl who let our balloon go.


Dear friends,

We went to the media center to see the pictures of the balloons on the computer that Mrs. Weeg borrowed. We saw a good view in the media center it was cool.

Please write back,

p> Dear Friends,

Lance was in basket outside on the playground. We had a pink balloon and when we let go of it the balloon went up in the sky. We colored ballons it was fun. I got to see the balloon


Dear Friends,

We came out side and some of the people got in the box. Five kids in the box. sierra

Dear Friends,

Lance got in the cardboard box. He is from our class. Five kids were in the box. There was one from each third grade class. It was fun.

Your Friend


Dear Friends,

Lance was in the basket outside on the playground. When lance was in the box there were other kids with him. There were 5 third graders in the box. your friends carlos mollock miguel

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