Using Palms in the Math Classroom

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These programs are installed on our Delmar Palm handhelds.

More Math applications!

MonkeyByte Math

MonkeyByte Math

MonkeyByte Math is a very simple program with several options. Students can choose to do addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. Numbers on left and right of the operation sign can be from 0-9, 0-99 or 0-999. There is no record of total answers correct. The monkey smiles and waves his tail for correct answers and makes a question mark with his tail for incorrect answers. Periodically he will do cartwheels for correct answers.



MathWiz is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily frustrated. I would use this to challenge your math lovers. Students must arrange the four numbers and signs correctly to reach the target number.

Timer Math Facts

Timer Math Facts

Timer Math is another drill and practice application that, unlike MonkeyByte Math, includes division. Students can set the maximum operand between 5 and 12. They can set the timer in increments of 15 seconds. The total number of correct answers is given on the screen as students solve each problem. Incorrect problems remain on the screen with a message to "try again."


Students try to figure out the measure of the angle on the screen. Notice the small dots on the screen. These help students guess the measurement of the angle. Download Angles.


Students simplify fractions to lowest terms. You can download Simplify.


Students decide if a number is divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You can download Divisible


Students practice math operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 1-3 numbers. Download KidsMath.


Convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to fractions. You can download MixedUp.


Numerus is a calculator using all four functions...with Roman numerals. You can download Numerus.

Quizzler Pro

Teachers can make quizzes for their students in any content area... math included. Quizzes can be made in Memo Pad or MS Word and then imported into Quizzler Pro. You can set the quiz to have sound for correct and incorrect responses. Students might also enjoy making their own quizzes.

I have made some quizzes for Quizzler Pro which I put on my webpage:

Delmar quizzes

Tony Vincent's website has links to tips for using Palms and more Palm software.

More Palm resources:

k12 Handhelds

Read more about how students at Delmar are using Palm handhelds for math and language arts activities. Students in grades 1-5 have used Palms in various ways. Check out the webpages! :-)


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updated October 21, 2006