Using Palms in the Language Arts Classroom

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These programs (except Inspiration) are installed on our Delmar Palm handhelds.

What If Builder

This program allows students to write stories such as "Choose your own adventures" and more. Download What If Builder.

Text Twist

Students try tp turn 6 letters into as many words as they can. You can shuffle the letters around on the screen to help you think of more words. Download Text Twist.


iKWL on a Palm handheld helps students record what they already knows about a topic, what they want to learn about a topic and what they have learned. Students can generate a word list which becomes immediately available as students write what they know, want to know and want to learn.

Inspiration for the Palm

Students can create concept "maps" for math as well as language arts activities. Students can tap letters and numbers available for them on a pop-up screen or they may use a Palm keyboard. Inspiration software for handhelds


Wordful is a word puzzle game. Teachers can create their own words lists to put spelling or vocabulary words on the screen for a wordsearch on the Palm. Download a trial version of Wordful.

Silly Sentences

Students enter nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and preposition sentences. The program randomly combines the words to make... silly sentences! Download Silly Sentences.


WhatWord is a word puzzle game where students move letters around on the Palm screen to form words. Download a trial version of What Word

Alphabet Rhyme Time

This program features the alphabet with colorful pictures and rhymes for young students. Download Alphabet Rhyme Time.

Spell It

This Palm application allows for input of words and definitions. Students can unscramble words, take a practice test and then a test on words in the "group." Students can see test results and their incorrect responses.

Input must be done on the Palm but then word groups can be beamed to other Palms.

Spell It is available as a free download on the Tony Vincent site.

Quizzler Pro

Teachers can make quizzes for their students in any content area... language arts and math included. Quizzes can be made in Memo Pad or MS Word and then imported into Quizzler Pro. You can set the quiz to have sound for correct and incorrect responses. Students might also enjoy making their own quizzes.

I have made some quizzes for Quizzler Pro which I put on my webpage:

Delmar quizzes

student with Palm Tony Vincent's website has links to tips for using Palms and more Palm software.

More Palm resources:

k12 Handhelds

Read more about how students at Delmar are using Palm handhelds for math and language arts activities. Students in grades 1-5 have used Palms in various ways. Check out the webpages! :-)


Palm Programs for Math

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 2, 2005