Resources for our Project

Delmar Elementary School

  1. Finding our latitude and longitude Add "Delmar, Maryland" in the "from" field in the form and then click on "Look it up!" to see the latitude and longitude. Put the names of Delmar, Maryland and Tokyo, Japan in the fields to see how fart apart we are - wow! It's very far. Tokyo is about an hour away from Yamato City where Yamato Elementary School is located.
  2. Our maps:
    1. Maryland
    2. Japan
  3. Our flags:
    1. Japanese Flag
    2. USA flag | Maryland Symbols | Maryland Flag
  4. What time is it where you are?
    1. Maryland same as Washington, DC
    2. Japan
  5. What's the weather?
    1. Delmar, Maryland
    2. Tokyo, Japan
  6. Daily News
    1. WBOC Delmarva's News Leader and The Daily Times
  7. Currency converter - how does our money compare? US dollar and the Japanese Yen

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Patti Weeg
updated November 5, 2005