A Letter From Mr. Isamu

From: "Isamu Shimazaki" shimazaki@fc.wwfax.jp>
To: "Patti Weeg" pweeg@comcast.net>
Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 9:20 AM
Subject: Dear Delmar students, thanks for your mail.

Dear Delmar students,

Thanks for your mail. Now our students want to reply so soon, but they need more time to write back.

So I'd like to write back first. As you know I am Isamu Shimazaki who is a teacher in Yamato elementary school. I and Mrs.Weeg are working together for a long time on the global communication world. Fortunately we met twice face to face. They were so exciting thing to see on the same ground.

Anyway I am starting to write to you all. First I'm very much surprised to know and feel wonderful that you had a persimmon for the first time. There are many persimmons tree around our area. So it is so common for us, but students are not so fond of persimmons. Why????? Did you like persimmons?

Our school has a lunch service for its self. So one corner in our school, they are making our lunch for about 1000 people at once. Everyday from Monday to Friday. They are so hard work. zi think there are 6 person working to make our school lunch.

We are able to eat as soon as finished to cook. They are so wonderful to eat. But lately there are many students are not finished there lunch. We have lunch in each classroom. So in each class students prepare their lunches for wholl class members. So the other students are waiting to be done for preparation.

How about you? Where do you eat for your lunch? and who are preparing your lunch?

I'd like to write more and more about school lunch.

Thanks for your letters.
Isamu Shimazaki, your Japanese friend.

P.S. Dear students, I forgot to ask, I want to know about your lunch again. How many students have their own lunch with them from their home? Or which is many to bring your lunch from home, or to buy your lunch af school?

Today we were talking about this in our teachers room. It was so much fun talking about school lunch in each country.

thanks again.

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Patti Weeg
updated November 7, 2005