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Tyler, Kederio and Mrs. Sowell are preparing a project on weather and the water cycle for Mrs. Sowell's 4th grade students.

Bethany, Amber and Mrs. Mumford are preparing a project on the planet Jupiter for Mrs. Mumford's 5th grade students.

Jenna, Morgan and Mrs. Elzey are working on a project about Tomie de Paola's story, "The Art Lesson," for Mrs. Elzey's second grade students

Riley and Mrs. Smith are working on an art project about painters of the American West for Mrs. Smith's 5th grade students.

Billy and Mrs. Andrews are working on a project based on a story called, "Moses Goes to a Concert," by Isaac Millman. The project is for second grade students.

Lindsie, Katelyn and Mrs. Lewis are working on a project titled, "What's the Matter?" for a grade three science lesson.


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Patti Weeg
April 12, 2005