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girl in Iraq To the Kids -

At this time we are not fighting in a war, we (5th Civil Affairs Group / 5th CAG) work with the people of Iraq to help them get on their feet. We work with Sheiks and leaders to make this happen. Many times we go out to villages to help kids, moms and the elderly any way we can. We do this on a daily basis and try not to get shot at or blown up. There are a lot of bad guys that do not want us to help the people but we keep on helping. We enjoy it and it is our job. Those are the ones that we fight against if we must. The main purpose of our mission is to help this country get on its feet one day at a time. Our joy comes when we see the smile on a little boy or girls face or we are able to help a family in some sort of way. We also help the people of Iraq by teaching the Democracy. Helping them acquire contracts to do business and make money. We try to win the hearts and minds one day at a time and stay alive in the process.

Thanks kids for all of you support.

Sgt Jack
Semper Fi

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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated July 12, 2005