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girls in Iraq

Sorry it has taken so long for me to contact you. Our unit has had several changes since we touched the sands of Iraq. I no longer work in an office I am now in the city of Fallujah on a daily basis. I am a Team Chief working with five other Marines trying to make a change with the locals. I enjoy the letters from your class and forward most of them onto our Public Affairs Officer; she gets a kick out of them also. We may put some of them in our unit cruse book if we have enough space.

My team has been working with some of the school and attached are pictures of the school we have visited. I have an Iraqi flag that I received from the local Iraqi Army that I would like to send to the class. If you could forward me the address to the school and I will send it there. I know that you have heard of the car bombing in Fallujah, well we pass that area and others on a daily basis. Blessing and luck has been with our team. Well take care and I will e-mail you again soon.

Sgt Williams, Jack
Team Chief
DET 2 Team 5
Camp Fallujah, Iraq

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Iraq Iraq Iraq

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updated July 8, 2005