Hello From Grade 4

Hi Cpl Turner,

How many classroom are there? Did you guys suffocate When it was 126 degrees? How many students sit at one desk? How many Kids are in one class?

Your friend,

Sat 04 Jun 2005

Dear Kasey,

Hello, how are you today? Hopefully good! There are eight classrooms in the school that I sent you a picture of. The schools here are pretty small and are usually filled up with more students than it can hold! Usually three to four students sit at one desk at a time. There are around 40 - 50 students per classroom. That's a lot isn't it? The other day when it was 125 degrees, It was so hot that it was hard to breath outside! I wish there was a way for us to keep cool! Well, Kasey, I have to go for now. Make sure you do good in school and have fun this summer.

Your friend,
Cpl Phillip Turner

Dear Cpl. Phillip,

Are kids still in school? The classroom looks so bare. Did the teachers at the school take down the decorations from the walls or are the walls always bare? Do the kids like the school? Do you like being there? Do the Iraqi people like having your help? I would like to know how many classrooms are in a school and how many grades?

Your Friend,

Dear Brooke,

How are you doing today? Good I hope! I don't know if the kids are still in school for the year, I will try to find out for you. No, the teachers did not take the decorations off the walls, that's how the schools are. All buildings were gone through during the war and that is how the buildings were left! I'm sure that after a little time goes by, they will have more color to them! No, I don't like being here, but it is my job to be here! I miss my wife and kids very much and can't wait to go home to them. I have to go for now, so I will try to finish answering your questions the next time we talk. Do good in school and thanks for writing!

Your friend,
Cpl Phillip Turner

Dear Cpl. Turner

Hi Cpl. Turner!!!!!!! I hope the kids there are doing well in school like we are or is the school year over? Do the kids like the school? Hopefuly you like it there. Do the people there like the U.S people? Thank You for the photos. How many classrooms are in the school?

Your Friend,

Dear Cody,

The kids over here are doing very well in school with the materials and supplies that they have available to them! Yes the kids do like school, they are no different from you and me. Most of the people like the United States, but there are the certain few who don't. I will send you and your classmates more pictures when I get them on my computer. Also to answer your question, there are eight rooms in the school that I sent a picture of. Do good in school and take care.

Your friend,
Cpl Phillip Turner


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