"...Here is a picture of a recent sand storm." SSgt. Bradford

May 10, 2005

Hey SSGT. Bradford,

The sand storm looks terrible! How do you breathe during a sandstorm? Does everyone go inside?

How is the Marine who was injured and needed blood donations? Is he going to be OK?

Is he going to be sent home? Can you send me a picture of him? Keep safeand come home soon.

Your Friend,

Hi SSGT. Bradford,

In the picture of the sandstorm it looked very scary. How is the Marine that got hurt? Is he going to be okay? Did the sand get into the school? Did you guys have to wear protection for your body?

Your friend,

Hi Ssgt. Bradford,

How many sand storms do you have? Do you shoot your gun a lot?

How many hours a day do you work at the school where you are fixing the bathrooms? How often do you ge to use the computer? How many computers do you have for the Marines to check email?

Your Friend,


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Mrs. Patti Weeg
updated May 10, 2005